Poll shows Warren now leading in Iowa

I’ve been there for a while. Warren-Sanders, Sanders-Warren, it doesn’t much matter, as long a they are basically cool with it. I’d be delighted to see them land there, oh, about now. Whichever one is lands on top of the ticket can clobber Biden and the other can start pulling together a cabinet and setting up the main campaign infrastructure.

But, sigh, yeah, it’s a dream. I’ll vote for Warren in the primary and then bust my butt for whoever is on the Dem ticket.


Sanders/Warren would make some sense in terms of a younger replacement ready to step in if something happened to the old man. If Warren were president and something happened to her after six or seven years, would Sanders really be a sane choice to take over, 86 years old on his first day?


I like your optimism.

My worries, as a person outside the US, it that the support of them will vanish for some minor scandal or some question “de lana caprina” getting a Trump/Biden election at the end.

Unfortunately the progressive sector is very sensitive of some arguments when the conservative sector is reinforced by the same arguments, like racist comments or the like.

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I doubt that. I already see major differences between Sanders and Warren, mainly if campaign finance, healthcare and education areas. People wanting a true change will just boycott as they did the last time. My 2 cents.

I mean, if we’re going to pretend age doesn’t matter, Jimmy Carter is eligible to serve a second term


As it happens, Carter recently said “If I were just 80 years old, if I was 15 years younger, I don’t believe I could undertake the duties I experienced when I was President.”


I think that is telling, that Warren has more grounded support, more “after some consideration” support and not so much the “my guy 4evah!!!one!” support. The latter gets attention, but it’s the former that wins elections.


But wouldn’t the Dems be more likely to try to broaden the appeal of a Warren or Sanders candidacy by running a Blue Dog Democrat or similar in the VP slot?

Yeah, second and third choices matter, and Warren has a high “positive opinion” rating. She could pick up a bunch of the votes from the lower down the field before it gets narrowed down to the Biden Sanders Warren troika.


Warren/Sanders has always seemed like the most logical ticket to me, although I didn’t realize how old Sanders was until I read the comments here, and perhaps that pairing would never really happen. I definitely prefer Sanders overall, but I feel Warren is both definitely more progressive than most of the democratic party, and her no nonsense, dispassionate demeanor is the perfect foil for Trump’s idiotic bluster. I wouldn’t have to hold my nose and voter for her like with Hillary.

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I’ve been saying “Warren 2020” since November 2016. I like her mix of passion and careful planning. But given the divided congress that she will have, I hope that she has a backup plan for all the things she will not be able to get through congress.


I get that having to choose between Warren and Sanders is a problem, but having them on the same ticket isn’t a solution to that. Mainly because it presupposes that the problem is already solved by one of them dropping out anyway; but also neither is a good running mate for the other, since they have the same demographics, and either is more use in the Senate.

For my money, Warren has always seemed more plausible; you wouldn’t necessarily put her poster up next to Che Guevara’s, but she can sell a socialist ethos on its merits, which I think probably has more mileage.


I just want him to interrupt her at the debates with some bullshit, and for her to not take her eyes of the moderator and say, in her best teacher voice: “Donald, the adults are talking”


This is actually why I think she’s better. As much as I agree with Bernie, you already know the “socialist” label is gonna be the thing the right will hound him with in the election. Red scare all over. As much enthusiasm as he has, there isn’t a big chunk of Americans who are successively to that scare tactic. Maybe I’m wrong… I just feel like warren is basically most of Sanders policies wrapped in a more sensible seeming packaging.


I understand what you are saying but “my guy 4evah!!!one!” trivializes the depth of commitment of Sander’s supporters. Some are zealous, yes, and others see him as the originator of this nascent progressive movement and its best representative. I’d say the vast majority of his most committed supporters are completely silent and waiting for the voting to commence. Cheerleading is fine, being excited about your newly found dedication to a candidate is great. But Sanders has an established base that had their excitement 4 years ago. We can speculate about what we see happening on the surface, but all will be told when we vote.

I know this is a margin-of-error kind of lead, but it’s still a promising sign that Dem voters may be edging away from Biden’s business-as-usual/return to Third Way normalcy approach.

Pretty much. A much more effective way to deal with this grotesque orange tr0ll instead of engaging him tit-for-tat as Biden is likely to do.


I suspect there is a significant number of “Bernie fans” whose job it is to stir up trouble in service of conservatives.


The only true change anyone who boycotts in 2020 is working for is for Trump to finish the job and make his influence on our system of government effectively irreversible in the foreseeable future.

That’s what drives me nuts about Biden (or, at least, one of the things). He thinks he can out-quip Donald Trump and beat him at his own game. He can’t. Nobody can. Trump is a preternatural genius at what he does, and playing his game is a loser’s bet from the start.


There will always be a subset of Bernie supporters who will have a hissy fit and decide they’d rather let the world burn than vote for anyone else, but I think the majority of his support comes not from people who think he’s an infallible demigod but from people who think he’s the best candidate on the ballot.

If Bernie eventually dropped out of the race I think most of those voters would consider Warren the best candidate on the ballot, not Biden.