Poor Lauren Boebert is "tired of this separation of church and state junk"

Their method of reading the US Constitution seems to be identical to their method of reading the Bible. One or two sections almost illegible from the finger running over it over and over again, the rest pristine and unregarded.

Being keen on the 2nd Amendment and ignoring the Establishment Clause seems to be on the same level as calling for the elimination of gay people and witches while eating a ham and cheese sandwich and wearing a poly-cotton tshirt over a tattoo of Jesus and a quote from Leviticus.


That should be an impeachable comment.


I’ll bet she’s also tired of “intelligent, fair-minded, qualified, sane public servant junk”.


Watch LB dox the landlord.


Please, please go back to your dirty, contaminated Raisins restaurant while your husband exposes himself to children.


‘Mixed’ isn’t the term I would use; but why are she & Empty G so hellbent on trying to out-stupid Louie Gohmert?

No, she didn’t & those aren’t ‘christians’.
She told those Talibanners exactly what they wanted to hear & believe, facts be damned.

‘The’ church? Which one?
In any case, maybe she could be sent on a fact-finding mission to some American-hating Theocracy to see how things work. Once she swims back, she can enlighten us with her new-found wisdom.

I doubt she knows about it; nor would she care about it if she did.

Yet another idiot that gets it exactly bass-ackwards and is unaware of the 9th Amendment.
She’s in evil company with some members of the SCOTUS.


That sounds a bit like the Shirley Exception, which werdnagreb posted about in the Karianne Lisonbee thread.


With a buzz cut and clean shaven.

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U.S. reps aping confused school marms

Marilyn Monroe Laughing GIF


Let’s start one and pick it!

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she ever read any of the amendments? wouldn’t have to get to far. I think it is the first one.

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Does she want to go and see what a lot of the founding fathers actually believed?

She would be burning Thomas Jefferson at the stake in her theocracy


She said she’s going to see how the primary goes and then they may buy the building.

I wonder what that means. If she loses the election and has campaign money left over maybe she’ll use that to buy the building. These people that claim democrats leave office with more money always seem to do just fine when they leave office and even in office.


And even with that one, they only read the last half of that one amendment.

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In their mind the exact law being prescribed is just a tool in the chest, an option on the table, which they expect to be wielded fairly and judiciously. Surely no one would do anything so unreasonable as actually enforcing it as written! Not when that would be bad!

I’m not so sure of this Shirley Exception. Some (or many) “moderate” conservatives want it to be that bad. Eg, when the “caravans” arrived at the southern border, many conservatives were pleased at the obvious cruelty and indignity inflicted upon detainees.


Y’allquaeda. The only difference is what they call their prophets.


Tell me you failed High School Civics and never graduated without telling me you failed High School Civics and never graduated.


Right, but they would be outraged if the same were inflicted upon them and theirs. Because, surely, they would be an exception to any such laws, which were meant for “those other people”, after all.

“He’s not hurting the people he needs to be hurting.”
– Trump voter Crystal Minton


Perhaps everyone should chip in and buy her a one way ticket to Afghanistan.


Ignorance: ignorance all the way down. It’s impossible to plumb the depths of her ignorance.