(Potentially) Unpopular Opinions, Jinxes, and Horcruxes Thread


Post your unpopular opinions (something not rooted in fact and subjective in nature). Unpopular facts belong elsewhere, mainly buried in statistical information and scholarly work no one reads.

I don’t love bacon. Bacon is… okay. Like it’s not bad, and it’s good on some stuff, but it’s not like it’s Viagra of the Gods or something. It’s just… okay. It’s fine. I don’t need it in my soaps or anything.

Celebrate Star Trek’s 50th anniversary by revisiting Deep Space Nine
Ronald Reagan sure made great Mac and Cheese
Watch kids eat 100 years of sandwiches
Ultra-rich people in NYC demand apartments with (gasp) driveways
Yum and Double Yum, They Need to Sell These In the USA
Haven't Seen It

Oh yeah the whole lets make bacon EVERYTHING got old fast.
I do love it on my burgers or with some eggs in the morning but I don’t need my body smelling like it.


I have no strong opinion on Marmite.


I thought it might have been interesting to have Ross Perot as president (I no longer have such experimental shake-up notions).


Likes are suffering from hyperinflation, and are now essentially worthless. Any post with less than 200 likes is pretty much crap.


My opinions are mostly popular and devoid of controversy.


Sorry, those are facts bub.


Deep-dish pizza is best pizza. Keep your “smear of ketchup on a cracker.”


At a food fair (was there ever anything so 21st century?) I once tried bacon-bourbon ice cream, because y’know, trying stuff is what I was there for. I’m all for salty sweet, but mostly it just tasted like cold congealed bits of bacon embedded in some rather nice ice-cream. I honestly think the fake bacon bits made of soy protein would have worked better in that application.

Fuck thin-crust “pizza.” That is all.


Always use a whetstone. Spaces over tabs. vi. BSD. Pizza should be foldable.

Am I doing this right?


You are dead to me… :smile:
Honestly I like all kinds of pizza, thin crust, doughy crust, deep dish which I haven’t had in long while actually.

Also bacon-bourbon? ice cream? what no just no you can stop at the bourbon and that is all you need for the ice cream. I do like the bacon maple donuts that is a good mix of salt/sweet and it is good the nearest source is just far enough away I would work off most of the extra calories from the walk.


Down voted for being reasonable and lacking in controversy.


Soccer/futbol/football is extremely overrated.


And the real king of all sports is, of course, Professional Wrestling.


Also crap.

But right now I can’t think of a spectator sport that isn’t, so, sure, we’ll go with yours. :wink:


The pitch for thin crust is that it lets you get more flavor from the toppings without letting a bunch of sticky dough get in the way. I think that makes sense in principle, but it only works well if the toppings are actually good.

There’s a whole universe of pizza, and the different styles showcase different aspects.

Deepdish is good if you have amazing sauce, new york style is great if you have really delicious toppings, the medium-thick crust pizza common everywhere (the domino’s and pizza hut standard style) is good if you have good dough and cheese (which pizza hut and domino’s don’t).

Honestly, I’m not much of a fan of Neopolitan style pizza, because it’s usually just too soggy and wet and overladen with toppings, although Neopolitan pizza can be very tasty, just a messy hassle to eat. If I want to use a fork and knife I’ll eat a casserole.


Also too sensible. Down voted.


I find NFL football boring, formulaic, utterly predictable, and risk averse and cowardly in play-calling.

I much prefer high school football where most games have a couple dozen plays that come out of left field which surprise and delight. Sure they work well maybe 10% of the time, but when they work, it’s beautiful.


Häagen-Dazs makes lousy ice cream.