Predictions About the Trump Presidency


Rules: Make a prediction about the Trump presidency in one sentence. No justification allowed. No arguments, either. Can be funny or serious but it has to be something that can be observed to have happened or not have happened. If you couldn’t prove it happened to win a bet, don’t make a predictions about it here.

Again, no arguments about whether the prediction is reasonable. Time will either prove you right or prove you wrong.


Trump will not be on the ballot for re-election in 2020.

(Even if we still have elections then.)


Specfically, Trump will choose not to run for a second term.

To distinguish slightly from @Donald_Petersen.


Yeah, I ain’t ruling out external preventive factors. But if I did, you’d still be right. He ain’t gonna have no fun in this job.


As a reaction to Trump’s legislation abolishing Sanctuary Campuses, musical theater companies throughout the US will declare themselves to be Sanctuary Troupes.


There will be a serious* diplomatic incident due to one of his tweets.

*Withdrawn ambassadors at least. Embassy closure and severing of ties for bonus points. This may be something of a gimme, but I’ll take a cheap win. :slight_smile:


He will go back to living in Trump Tower and flying in his own planes before the end of his term.


Irreversible acceleration of carbon-driven global suicide.


Trump won’t do a full 4 year term, he’ll either die (of stress, assassination, whatever), be impeached, or quit out of frustration.


While delivering his first State of the Union address, Trump will not remain behind his podium for the whole speech; at some point he will be inspired by something in the teleprompter, and will begin to pace from side to side.

During this meander, he will improvise either a self-aggrandising monologue, or an anti-media polemic, or both, before returning to the podium, checking the teleprompters, and then returning to the prepared speech.

A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡

We will all look back on Bush and Cheney with fondness and a sense of longing.


(Caps in Trump voice…)

Yup, who knew that GWB would not be the worst US president. I miss him already.

My prediction:

Trump will use US domestic and foreign policy to quadruple his net worth, justifying it on the basis that what’s good for Trump (the only thing that matters) is good for the US; because if the President does it it isn’t a conflict of interest.


Trump won’t be controlled by his handlers. “Top Secret” you say? Fuck that. I’m letting the people know now. There may be a backlash from Russia? Who cares. I’m the boss. (the nation slides slowly into irrelevance…)


A Trump will be on the ballot for 2020.


8 million people will die of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. Scientists working on vaccines against these will develop drinking problems.


Trump will win re-election and step down halfway through his second mandate.


US and Russia will jointly invade a country, likely in Asia.


His gold-centric Oval Office makeover will be blindingly classy and feature a bust of the man himself.


The rankings mostly have him as bad, but not the worst. He’s usually worse than Nixon though.

I think Andrew Johnson, Harding and Buchanan are going to have some new competition for the bottom though.


Mount Rushmore will get an addition.


You think Trump wants to share a mountain with those liberals?

Getting Denali carved into a giant Trump statue is more his thing. He can use the leftover rock for his wall.