President Biden, on a hot mic, remarks on Doocy: “What a stupid son of a b*tch

All day today on the news people were clutching their pearls about this whole thing. It’s just wild - as if Trump as President didn’t say far worse shit every single day with zero sarcasm. Remember how Trump used this phrase to refer to Black athletes that had the nerve to *checks notes* peacefully protest racial injustices?

It was a stupid question that served no useful journalistic purpose. I guess Doocy got what he wanted out of that exchange but Biden was just saying what we all were thinking.


It’s wild considering that the last president staged a coup.


Yeah, the hysterics over Biden being rude but 100% accurate about Doocy are extra ridiculous, and worrisome, considering how many media people still keep on bending backwards to ignore and minimize Trump’s manifold crimes and general all-around awfulness.


I was listening to NPR this weekend and they mentioned how one of Biden’s aids had said something in November about how the inflation was really a rich person’s problem at that point, and the host said, “it’s stuff like this that gets democrats in trouble!”
Which is just insane considering everything the republicans have pulled! But, yeah, one side gets in trouble for minor gaffes and the other gets basically a free pass for obstructionism, bringing guns to the Capitol, outright threats and that little coup attempt :roll_eyes:


when i was still going to church, i stopped around 16 years of age and became a lifelong agnostic shortly afterwards, i asked the leader of the teen section of sunday school what the church of christ’s feelings about “four letter words” was. his reply was that while they were not suitable for polite company if they were being used in the sense of describing the acts or objects that were the basis of the words and not being used as a substitute for"taking the lord’s name in vain" that their use was not inherently sinful unless they were being used in the commission of a sin such as using them to disrespect one’s parents for example.

all of which was, i thought at the time, a remarkable answer.



Not to mention the continual blowing things like this out of proportion making it a bigger issue than it really is.

“Weak job growth!” while ignoring record low unemployment - how is it supposed to grow? Inflation! While ignoring it’s happening everywhere and it’s because people are being so irrational about buying shit they don’t need and it’s driving up demand while supplies are still limited. COVID! Yeah sure there’s been things worth criticizing in the Biden admin, but people keep refusing to follow public health guidance and Republicans actively sabotage and federal efforts to make things better. Democrats keep fighting! Because Republicans have no agenda other than “if you can’t beat them, obstruct”. Things that Democrats are trying to get through Congress have popular support and help people throughout the country. There’s no reason these things shouldn’t have some Republican support. There’s no reason that two D senators should have all the power here. Why is the story about Manchin being Manchin and not “why don’t Republicans care about children, elderly, free elections, the poor, small business, farmers?”

It’s all bullshit.

It’s no wonder Biden’s poll numbers are so low - there’s this constant spin even on news outlets like CNN and NPR about how he and congressional Democrats are just the worst ever and ignoring everything else that’s going on.


Gotta remind people that both sides are just as bad!!! /s


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The whole framing of that story is infuriating. Okay, sure, it’s these 2 people who are to blame. Those other 50 people have no culpability AT ALL. :roll_eyes:


Right? It’s so damn infuriating. I guess it makes for better storytelling I guess, but it ignores that it shouldn’t even be a thing. Democrats never work as a monolith unlike Republicans. Yet fact that the other 50 senators refuse to do anything at all which is far more dangerous and harmful is basically shrugged off.


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