President Biden, on a hot mic, remarks on Doocy: “What a stupid son of a b*tch

You’re saying Doocy was correct? How so?


Yeah - Douchy is stupid- and Biden is correct.



He didn’t lie…


I hold that truth to be self evident.


Nah, Steve make be Pete’s father but Jen Psaki is Pete’s daddy.


The conservative de facto Trumpist reaction I’ve seen to this is “Well, isn’t this hypocrisy. Biden is being rude, but his supporters love it.”

And of course any discussion that explains this non-Trumpist reaction - such as comparing blunt rudeness that has accuracy vs. actual maliciousness compounded by deceit, or the amount and vicious calculation of rudeness, or the amount of actual abuse of journalists including just kicking them entirely out of the pool, etc. - all those rational aspects of actually understanding and comparing the two Presidents to view them in a realistic adult context just goes by the wayside.

Sigh. I wish I could ask conservative Trump supports and have them honestly answer even to themselves: what do you believe? Do you think a President can be justified in being rude or not?

But at this point I catch myself. I do know better. Any who are calling “hypocrisy” on this won’t be convinced by evidence or logical comparisons. Not because they can’t understand it - because they don’t want to.

This is what we’re dealing with. Sweet reason and reasonableness aren’t at play, if they ever were. We are just going to have to keep outvoting Trumpists as we drag them along. Into the 20th century, even, before we then continue dragging them into the 21st.


“inflation is bad huh” is not a profound insight


George Takei @GeorgeTakei 18h

Biden rarely drops curses, but when he does it’s a Doocy.


Always good to see a fervent self-declared “christian” show their true colors.

Now mind you, I like Biden. I fear he is in over his head but compared to Trump, he really is a stable genius with sound ideas and sense of honor and has probably actually read the Constitution which I highly doubt Trump could do even with paid help.

But like so many other politicians, he (Biden) mouths the requisite phrases about how his “faith” makes him what he is and guides his day to day actions.

“In his inaugural address calling for national unity, President Joe Biden turned to Christian teachings, including the Psalms and Saint Augustine, to acknowledge the pain of the current political moment and his desire to bring Americans together around common values.”

What was their justification on how this was a totally different matter? I assume it’s because “this guy didn’t deserve it, but the other reporters did”.

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Because they could not possibly be the case… he must be a liar, because politician… /s

In this case, I see no reason not to take him at his word, since he seems like he’s a practicing Catholic, much like Jimmy Carter seems very much like he practices his faith.


So… “Real” Xtians never, ever lose their tempers, or curse?

They are all perfectly behaved, at all times?


I guess I need to tell my Catholic family members that they’re not real Catholics and will burn in the eternal flame because they said swears… /s


Isn’t it, though? The way he’s done so much to help make sure people can care for their children and get health care? And that there are ways for all of us to get to and from where we need to be and that goods can reliably be shipped? That he’s fighting for workers’ rights to unionize to protect their humanity, and improving the training-to-career pipeline so people can find meaningful work whether or not they’re interested in attending college?
I’m still waiting for him to overturn the vendors’ tables in the temple, but I’ll take a little gentle ribbing of a fucking propagandist tool as an “amuse bouche.”


Absolutely! That’s why faiths like Catholicism don’t have any kind of redemption arc underlying their mythology or any prayers for forgiveness included in their canon, or any kind of formal recognition of wrongdoing like confessions. Because the minute a person is baptized into some kind of Christian faith they become totally a perfect human who never does wrong or else they’re not a Christian and get banished! :upside_down_face:


…and the dumb SOB still hasn’t learned shit.


Jesus would never lose his temper or curse, one can only assume.

This was all very calm and measured.


My sainted mother was a self identified Catholic who had zero fucks to give over salty language.



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