Pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood claims Twin Towers weren't hit by planes: "we got played"

20 years later and I still haven’t heard any of these conspiracy nutters provide an answer—ANY answer—to this fundamental question:

If the goal was to blow up the buildings and pin the blame of foreign terrorists, wouldn’t it make far more sense to either

  1. Blow up the buildings with explosives (as conspiracy theorists claim happened) and tell everyone it was a bombing committed by foreign terrorists, or
  2. Hijack some actual airplanes and tell everyone they were hijacked by foreign terrorists?

Either one of those plans might just meet the minimum requirements for plausibility if you had the world’s most successful and leak-proof Black Ops teams on the job. But there is absolutely no reason that someone would put together a plan as batshit crazy and needlessly complicated as “let’s go with option #1 but make it appear as option #2!”


I’m trying to figure out what the point is? So the theory (obviously batshit insane, unfounded, and highly insulting) is that this was an inside job, the planes weren’t real, and that the buildings were destroyed to cover up grift of the defense spending by burning the paperwork? I mean, that reminds me of those stupid movie scenes where some idiot grabs and eats a piece of paper and then is told, “umm, we have more copies of that…”
But way to discount the pain and heartache of all the family members who had to endure those goodbye phone calls from their loved ones on the planes.
And what @Brainspore said.


Well, I mean in their little story, those hearings never did happen. The theory of course is that the people who are connected to the Bushes and Cheneys took that $3 trillion for themselves. This money did go missing, and I don’t think any investigation ever did happen, and later on investigations about who the Bushes and Cheneys were connected to financially and the war profiteering that went on never did happen either.

It’s weird seeing Wood parrot right leaning 9/11 conspiracies mixed with leftist conspiracies though.


“Building 7 wasn’t hit by a dadgum thing” except hundreds of tons of debris from the collapsing north tower resulting in fires that couldn’t be controlled due to a loss of water pressure from all the non-CGI damage done that day.

Also, who would keep all the evidence for a multi-trillion dollar scandal only in hardcopy and only in a single location? In 2001. I converted a bunch of old family photos to digital last year and keep those backed up in 4 different places both inside and outside my home.

I can see it now, the inside man explaining the loss to the people pursuing the case: “Damn it. I’m pretty sure Kevin had all those files on his desk when building 7 was evacuated. Damn. Shoot. Oh, well. Nothing we can do about that now, right? Darn it.”


That makes more sense, but you’re also falling prey to the tendency we humans have to read more into it to make it make sense. He literally calls out the paperwork. Yes, clearly it makes much more “sense” if it were framed as a massive distraction, like you say, but that’s not what Lin said. You don’t need to make sense of his argument, OANN is on it. :wink:


Four or five years ago a guy we “peripherally” knew joined our little group of regulars at our lunch table in the company cafeteria. I don’t remember how, but the subject of 9/11 came up, and he said there was clearly a conspiracy because “jet fuel doesn’t burn hot enough to melt steel.”

We were absolutely stunned. He had just outed himself as someone who 100% fell for this nonsense without question, and was willing to admit it to other people.

I don’t remember much about how we responded to that, but I don’t think it went well. There was some discussion about the annealing temperature being much lower than the melting point of steel, but it was all pretty uncomfortable conversation after that.

I understand that not everyone went through a metal shop class in high school. But how many people have seen a movie or TV show where a blacksmith pulls some glowing metal from a fire and hits it with a hammer to shape it. Does no part of that suggest that hot metal is softer than cold metal? And do they see the metal isn’t dripping off in the fire like a melting ice cream cone? They can’t tell the difference between hot and molten?

And when presented with commonsense explanations, they refuse to acknowledge even this tiny bit of proof that they listen to liars who say the dumbest shit just to get their listeners pissed off.

To this day it haunts me that people can successfully hide this much stupidity and still get their jobs done like they know what they’re doing.


Yes, whichever path works after the fact is the one he picked. That’s how a Shrodinger’s asshole works.


They deliberately overlook two things:

  1. Of course steel loses its strength long before its melting temperature.
  2. Inside a jet engine, jet fuel burns at 3632 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s perfect conditions of compression and mix, but a large jet fuel fire, with a strong draft from below, going through wreckage, will generate giant blowtorch hotspots like an enormous rocket stove.

Burning coal won’t melt steel either (without a draft or bellows). The Iron Age never happened, it’s what They want you to believe!


I’m disappointed he’s taking this wishy-washy moderate stance.

For a deranged grifter of his level, I want to hear about how those 2,800 people never existed and their so-called grieving families are all just crisis actors who have been drawing union scale pay for the last 20 years for their performance.

If this guy thinks Giuliani won’t steal a march on him, he’s crazier than he sounds.


Is that in addition to the missing $40G? I don’t suppose the likes of Lin Wood are flailing their arms in the air over actual missing money:


If I recall the talking points in Leftist conspiracy circles at the time, it was a bunch of misappropriated DOD contract money to numerous non-existant companies before 2011. Some of it dealt with gulf war money/contracts, and some of it was just other contracts where the money just vanished.


What about the compromise theory?


I think Lin Wood is CGI.
I’ve never seen him in person.
Lots of other people deny ever knowing him.


Except that looks EXACTLY like Shrek. EXACTLY! That CGI is so good you can’t tell a difference.


So my beloved 7/8th grade layteacher turned fireman did not perish in the South Tower, and my investment banker cousin in building five did not have to walk all the way back to New Jersey, covered in ash. I stand corrected.


Not even good CGI, it’s like someone took Andy Serkis’s gollum outtakes and localized them south of the Mason-Dixon line.


Including people who have supposedly been seen with him.


I get the underpinnings of all of the 9/11 conspiracies, the feeling of relative safety and control a conspiracy theory provides, but I’ve never understood the need to pretend the planes didn’t happen. Wouldn’t just changing the story of who was piloting the planes and their goals serve the same purpose, without needing a massive easily falsified alternate reality.


If they were to broadcast my feelings about Lin Wood and his incredibly stupid statement on TV, the censor bleeps would go on for so long, it would sound like a long emergency broadcasting test


Pff, next you’re going to tell me they would have pinned it on terrorists from the actual countries they were planning to invade.