"Proverbs from the 21 Century"


A thread to compile posts that could be “Proverbs from the 21 Century”.



“Did I ever tell you about the time Donald Trump was President of the USA?”

“What’s the USA, Grandpa?”


“privacy” does not equate to “anonymity”


Trump-like people don’t like turnabout. All of a sudden, it’s against the rules and totally different than what they did.



If only the Maya had been right.


“Let the people know my facts and the country will be quiet.”


Drive now, work on your screenplay later.


If an internet company is willing to give you something for free, you’re the product, not the customer.


It’s a slow burn, my friend. REAL slow…


“It won’t heal if you Like it.”


“Printers can sense fear in users.”


God is dead, printers exist.


Peaceful are they who do not read the comments.


“I did it to piss off Joey.”




One I made up for my daughter, who let several letters from her bank go unopened for a week:

“Open your mail or go to jail”


It’s ok when our guys do it.


Breaking 1,000 promises, and keeping one, makes a man a Promise-Fulfiller.