QAnon believer faces 5 years in prison for threatening to kill Texas congresswoman he mistakenly thought was transgender

Originally published at: QAnon believer faces 5 years in prison for threatening to kill Texas congresswoman he mistakenly thought was transgender | Boing Boing


Fuck your noise, Michael David Fox,
Upon the face of the world, you are a suppurating pox.


Time to contemplate the divine meaning of “Five Years Behind Bars.”

ETA: Missed the “faces a maximum sentence of…” part on first read; he hasn’t been convicted or sentenced yet so it’s probably unlikely he’ll get the full five years unless he insists on going to trial and makes a point of pissing off the judge.


Does NOT seem long enough.


“I threw away five years of my life because I believed some utter bullshit that I read on the Internet” is a tough thing to have to admit to yourself, but it sounds like he will have some spare time in which to reflect on that realization.


He’ll probably get invited to a lot of friendly card games.


Maybe? I don’t know what an appropriate amount of prison time for a threatening phone call should be. Five years is a non-trivial chunk of someone’s life at any rate. It’s the difference between a college freshman and a person with a Masters’ degree, or the difference between being the parent of a middle-schooler and being the parent of an adult. I just hope the Qanon movement has withered into a bad memory by the time this jackass gets out.


"There has always been in our national experience a type of mind which elevates hatred to a kind of creed; for this mind, group hatreds take a place in politics similar to the class struggle in some other modern societies.”
— Richard Hofstadter (1916–1970)

Source: Anti-Intellectualism in American Life (1974), p. 37


Since the accused threatened to shoot someone else in the face, I would suggest that perhaps legally barring them from owning a gun for some period of time after they get out might not be a bad idea. Barring them from contacting or even coming within a certain (large) distance of the person they threatened could also be a good idea.


Fox rescinded his threat against V1 and apologized, Fox claimed he was not intoxicated or under the influence of drugs when he made the call. Fox stated he understood how VI would feel threatened by his phone call. Fox acknowledged that anyone he knew or cared about would also be concerned with such a threat.

I feel like this “definitely don’t shut up and get a lawyer, and instead confess to each specific element of the crime” approach to criminal defense doesn’t lead to as much leniency as some idiots would hope.


Isn’t that par for the course for convicted felons anyway?


Pedantry mode: Even if VI was transgender, she would have been transgender at birth too. (Please note some trans people’s may disagree with that statement, but most accept this idea.)

You should always use such “analysis methods” on yourself first. I’m sure the results would be amusing to someone.

Sadly, I can absolutely believe this part of the statement.


It’s nice to know the people doing the hate crimes against us are sober, eh?

rage GIF


If by nice you mean “contributing to my depression and anxiety,” then sure, why not?


What’s the opposite of “reassuring,” because it’s that.


Fox in box and locks on box.


This clearly supported by science, isn’t it? Or, as Wikipedia’s " Causes of gender incongruence" puts it, “The available research indicates that the brain structure of androphilic trans women with early-onset gender dysphoria is closer to that of cisgender women than that of cisgender men.”


I wonder if there are any conspiracy theories this guy hasn’t bought into.


It is, but even there, it’s a spectrum not an absolute. @docosc had a bit to say about this the last time it came up; while I can speak to my experiences as a trans person, he’s got the science down.

I’ll note that it’s harder for some people to experience the “I always knew” in part because some of us aren’t on the binary. I never really felt my ASAB was right, but then again neither did what I was told at the time was the “opposite.” Learning that their are other possibilities really helped me understand that! For me, I still think of it as “I was always a trans person even when I didn’t know,” but some people do think of it as “I was X then, I’m Y now.” It’s just not the most common way of thinking of it.


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