Religious scholar says serial liar Madison Cawthorn needs to go back to Bible study

'Twould be nice; but even discounting these grifters, there are far too many “mainstream” members of congress who enjoy and benefit from the current rules. It’ll take decades to get legislative momentum behind such a thing, if it ever happens at all.

Then do the hard work and get a better congressperson. Nothing will change if we don’t make it change.


There was a plot arc in Orange is the New Black where a bunch of inmates were trying to pass a test on Judaism to prove they were eligible for the (more appetizing) Kosher meals. At the end of the episode one of the few who succeeded was the former nun character, who shrugged it off explaining “The Abrahamic religions are pretty much all the same… until you get to Jesus.”


Looks interesting, I’ll have to watch later.

I remember hearing scholars generally agreed that Matthew probably wrote his gospel, but the others were written a century or more later by followers of those apostles, so actually the writings of Paul are older than those gospels despite the fact that he lived after Christ.

And nobody really knows for sure who John of Patmos was, assumed to be some “touched” hermit.


I think everyone here understands that’s what needs to happen. So we phone bank. And we contribute. And we vote. And we door knock (and I’ve done many of these myself). And we do what we can. But the current state of affairs is proof that it’s not quite so simple as declaring we must do this hard work and success will be ours in any reasonable amount of time.

We have rampant voter suppression to deal with. We have our fellow citizens who vote for these clowns to deal with. We have the effects of social media (as you mentioned) to deal with. We have extreme gerrymandering to deal with.

It’s not accurate or fair to imply that there are not people doing the hard work. There are. It will STILL take decades to overcome the numerous obstacles.


Well, just assuming it’s all going to be shit forever and nothing will change it isn’t exactly helpful either, though.

Doesn’t mean we should just give up.


You’d think someone who’d attended an institute of higher learning would study and remember better than…

Oh, never mind.


And what do the experts prescribe for him? More Bible, that’s what. Because that fixes everything, right?


That tracks with my Brethren upbringing as well. Spent my formative years terrified that it was going to rain blood and fire.


True to Republican form. The Bible is just a prop to these people and more than occasionally a cudgel.


And of course if you want to go a step deeper down that rabbit hole, you should look up KGO (King James Only) believers. Some of whom think that the the King James translation is not only the best translation, but it is the only version of the Bible that is the Word of God. All other versions INCLUDING the Latin, Greek, and Aramaic texts the KGO was translated FROM are incorrect and potentially tainted.



Well, if you say so, God.

The second error appears in Deuteronomy 5, where the word “greatness” was reportedly misprinted as “great-asse”, leading to a sentence reading: “Behold, the Lord our God hath shewed us his glory and his great-asse”.


One would expect no less from the likes of this NAZI.

His worshipers have already been indoctrinated with this shit from childhood; he is simply tapping into that river of cruelty for his own personal gain.

The term ‘intellectual’ doesn’t apply to him, except in comparison to his worshipers.


Depends on which sect you are talking about. Those that include both tend to pick & choose what parts of the OT they want to blather about, so they can justify their own particular prejudices.
Plus, there are multitudes of versions of the bible…

Not to mention, heavily plagarized from other/earlier sources.

Be glad you don’t live in Texas.


Also the boat I am in. Learned about the covenants during confirmation. Always surprised when people lean on the old testament for anything. (Do u even Jesus, bro?)


Mark is the earliest one. If anyone wrote their own it’d have been Mark.

In anycase, I doubt jesus was fewer than a dozen people in the first place, and the gospels all have evidence of various churches modifying doctrine in order to try and steal each other’s flocks.

Christianity is 99% stuff made up by old men to make sure they maintain power and access to people’s children.


Jesus himself said “do not think I have come to abolish the law. I have come to uphold it. Until everything is complete and accomplished, not a jot or tittle of the law shall pass away.”

Sounds to me like he was saying that the law is in full effect forever.

Also, god said in the old testament that animal sacrifices are sufficient and required forever.

So… Are you contradicting god, or god’s dad, who is also himself and also god?


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Madison Cawthorn is like a Dollar Store version of Matt Gaetz. It doesn’t get much more pathetic than that.


Cawthorn told the Christian inspirational podcast The Heal , “I had an opportunity for the Paralympics for track and field.” But The Nation says Cawthorn did not have that opportunity, nor does it appear he took any meaningful steps that would have led him there."



If Madison Cawthorn and Greg Abbot roll down a hill at high speed and off a cliff, who wins?

We all do