Rep. Clyde vows to protect people who "accidentally carry their firearms through airport security”

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What about protecting those who “accidentally” put bomb materials in their shoes? (/sarcasm)


Sometimes in my haste to catch a plane, I forget I’m carrying a large bomb, would my Second Amendment Rights (bombs are arms, used since the Revolutionary war), be similarly protected?
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Any joke I want to make about this, I start typing and then realize how bleak and unfunny it actually is.


According to the late Justice Scalia, no:

According to the rabid-right, yes:

ETA: Got them backwards. lol


Right? I want to be protected from the gun owners who are so inured to their presence that they no longer consider the gun and gun safety every moment they’re carried. Normalization of deviance kills.

Besides, this is just more “rules for thee but none for me” crap. I’m positive that certain people would be found to have “forgotten” about their firearms more often than other groups…


This is silly. You can travel with a firearm in a locked, checked in case. The laws are clearly stated. You don’t need an additional law to protect you because you “forgot” to follow it. That is ridiculous.


There are no accidents with firearms. At the very least they should be confiscated if a traveller is that reckless. There are rules for safely flying with firearms. They have to be secured and checked in. You’ll get it back at the end of the flight.


Ugh… this guy…

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So as a thought experiment, what if some gun company produced “Baby’s First Pistol” (with a trigger designed to make it easy for a baby to grip it and fire?) Would the “rabid right” support the rights of that company to present such a pistol to every newborn in a certain town? By a strict reading of the 2nd Amendment their parents should not be allowed to infringe upon the rights of the baby by taking it away.

Okay, that’s a bit absurd. But what about a company sitting across the road from an elementary school handing out guns to students leaving in the afternoon?

And as a more realistic example would Rep. Clyde be so supportive of someone who “accidentally” carries their gun into a town hall meeting the representative is hosting?


Something tells me his support would evaporate pretty quick if a brown skinned Muslim person accidentally carried their gun onto a plane.


I mean, this is a guy who has leaped to the defense of people who were trying to decapitate the U.S. government and install an unelected moron by force. I wouldn’t put it past him.


Pretty sure any Arabic-presenting person would not be given the benefit of this. Just a suspicion…


I suspect he believed that the mob wouldn’t hurt him (something like “they’re just after the Democrats and Mike Pence and I don’t like Pence anyway so it’s good”) and that’s one of the reasons he was okay with that.

If you posed the question as a Democrat voter in his district bringing the gun to the town hall he may not be so sanguine about the prospect.


Uh, if someone is doing something illegal with their gun, they aren’t “law-abiding gun owners” are they? Doesn’t seem like a matter of “forgetting,” either. They deliberately put a gun in their luggage before taking a trip. Who puts a gun in carry-on luggage without the intent to actually carry it on?

Seems like his political opponents need to make a lot of hay about how he supports terrorists, because they actually have an argument for that here…


I’ve definitely forgotten things in my backpack that I use daily as well as a carry-on for travelling, including tools that would have been confiscated if TSA was good at their job. But anyone who treats a gun like that should not be allowed to own one.


Oh, it just fell in, who knew, hee hee, Jesusbabiesguns y’know.


Sometime in the next year or two a person will get shot on an american passenger plane.

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Based on what I recall from Cory’s discussions of airport security theater, you can’t have things both ways. Either trying to bring a firearm into an airplane cabin is severely punished, no exceptions, or you may as well not screen in the first place. But Clyde wants tough airport screening AND a broad exception, and somehow thinks this makes sense. Moron.