Richard Spencer's running out of places to spew his bigoted blather


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Awww what a shame



Gawd, seems like ya can’t hardly find much of anywhere these days to use as a safe space to keep your peach from getting frozen. :pensive:


Time to celebrate! Who’s hungry?


There is a River in Crimea


Yes, but “Denial ain’t a river in Egypt.”


Hmm, eventually Richard Spencer might get the message:



All they need to do is to get all their true members to install a special Alt-Right DNS.

Then they can have their own private Dank Net.




Oh hey also there’s this plugin that makes it easy to report nazi videos on youtube. It actually seems to be working somewhat, too. Diversity of tactics!



But he still has his Washington Summit Publishers site (which seems to be registered by Tucows - get on the stick guys) up and his “job” at the National Policy Institute. Oh - and his mom is a cotton farming heiress. Though this European supremecist is banned from entering all 26 countries in the Shengen agreement.

Let’s hope he loses everything in those Charlottesville lawsuits.

Maybe he’ll be forced to get a job as a bouncer - hopefully one with a camera to document all the face punching.


Was GoDaddy ever required to host his hate though?



Depeche Mode Just Can’t Get Enough of Richard Spencer being ignored by polite society!


They Enjoy the Silence of neo-nazis!


(I’ll be here all the week! And now I want to listen to some Depeche Mode!)


No, they are not required to accept his hate, nor are they required to deny it. The fact that did take it down after the realization is positive, though.

‘Sir, here is your money back. Please take your hatred elsewhere, if you can find anyone willing to accept it.’


Peaches can’t get enough either.



Heaven 17 have a message for Richard Spencer.


Or something.