Roger Stone blames leaders of the GOP for coke-fueled orgies

Even if they don’t. They just need to keep claiming they will/would if only [insert today’s enemy] didn’t prevent them. “Donate now, to help us fight [insert today’s enemy].”


“If Cawthorn starts to name names, it would go all the way to the top…”
As if I didn’t hate Roger Stone enough already. Now I have to get the image of a cocaine blitzed Mitch McConnell participating in an orgy out of my brain. Memory scrape, please.


Never, ever go to that restaurant again.


can’t wait till he ends up in jail again


Lemon? They’ve gone to prune.



My spouse and I thank you. Image replaced. Hilarity ensues. Memory scrape complete.


Sure they do. “Hurt the (insert racial or gender or orientation slur here)!” As long as they stay true go that, their base doesn’t care about sexual assault ot drug use. And no, no “(/s)” attached to this at all.


I don’t know about cocaine use but Roger Stone is known to frequent sex clubs and has arranged to be interviewed by journalists in them.

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cawthorne left out the devil-worshiping parts.

It’s strange to me that consensual coke-fuelled orgies are the thing anyone’s upset about. I really couldn’t care less about that. Go have fun.

I care about the terrible policies that kill, jail, impoverish, and disenfranchise people or prevent them from accessing health care. I care about corruption and the erosion of the democratic and financial systems. If their policies were designed to benefit the citizenry, what would it matter who’s sucking who on their days off?

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It’s not so much what they’re doing, but the hypocrisy. They want to have their good time while persecuting everyone else for wanting the same things.


I agree. I just wish the news could stay focussed on the substantive problems.

People pushing violent policies aimed at creating a particular kind of society that oppresses all of us who are not white Christian men matters. YOU might not be a direct victim, but many of us are, and we’re already suffering the consequences. Their hypocrisy matters when lives are on the line. YOU might not be directly impacted by their hypocrisy, but many people here and across the country are. That’s substantive, so we need to call out that hypocrisy of their attempts to utterly destroy any family that is not like their ideal while they embrace hedonism that they claim to oppose.


I didn’t mean to dismiss that at all. What I meant was that I don’t think the media is pointing out the hypocrisy related to their policies. They discuss it as though it’s an abstract issue disconnected from the policy matters. I feel like the media narrative is “coke-fuelled orgy bad” and not “politicians engage in these things while they also spew these public talking points and pass these policies”.

Well, ya did. It’s getting a little tedious having to point out that curbing the civil and human rights of certain groups matters and isn’t just pointless “identity politics”. Real people are being hurt by these policies and we should not treat them as secondary to “real” politics.

Whether they are or not, it makes it more apparent when it’s highlighted. This is supposed to be the Christian, family values party.

That’s their WHOLE DEAL… that’s what they run on. Do we NEED to have it pointed out when it’s their entire reason for existing? :woman_shrugging:


I mean obviously you don’t need it pointed out but it seems like the party’s supporters haven’t gotten the memo. My point is that they should be pointed out and they’re not. They should be tying this back to the policies and they’re not. They’re talking about this without even mentioning the policies that are hurting people.

If the media can’t point out why this is such an issue they’re not doing their duty. Conversations in the Boing Boing comments section aren’t going to do what a mainstream broadcast could with highlighting the “war on drugs” or any of the laws targeting people’s relationships and how they choose to have sex contrasted with this. You see the direct relationship but I guarantee that a lot of people don’t.

They are not the only ones who need to be told, though. There is a whole set of swing voters who need to be reminded that people other than white men have real concerns that they are about to made at best second class citizens, at worse, be wiped out.

How difficult is it for people to put those pieces together? Most media attempts to treat people like they have brains rather than attempting to tell them what to think like the right wing media.

See above.

How do you know that? Id’ argue that Christians often vote on family values and pointing out the failures to uphold those values is more than enough.

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