Rolling Stone: Sources say oligarch with ties to Trump paid thugs to paint swastikas in Ukraine

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That MOFO got so much dirt on his hands, frumpy dump is jealous.


Figuring out politics has always been easy - just follow the money.


“a useful idiot, or just a plain fucking idiot?”


Blockquote is Majorie Taylor Greene, who increasing spews Kremlin lies about Nazis in Ukraine a paid agent, a useful idiot, or just a plain fucking idiot?

That’s a rhetorical question, right?


is Majorie Taylor Greene, who increasing spews Kremlin lies about Nazis in Ukraine a paid agent, a useful idiot, or just a plain fucking idiot?

I don’t think these are mutually exclusive.


Why the fuck is your DOJ not arresting these people and charging them with treason?


Probably seemed like a pretty sweet deal for the thugs until the Russian cluster bombs started dropping.


Who knew that when a false flag operation finally showed up, it would be this fucking stupid.


Ready for the Russian response:

"This is a false false flag operation."


Because of allegations?
These are insulated criminals that are adept at operating outside of the law.

I’m envisioning a billionaire oligarch driving around dark alleys handing out cash and paint buckets. Maybe someone snapped a picture?

However they’re using them, swastikas hold a certain special place in the hearts of Fuks and his bought -and-paid for American Know-Nothings.


Actually, I meant the USian politicians.

Fuck the oligarchs; they will get what’s coming to them. If I had billions of dollars at my disposal, I’d probably try to buy influence also. But in Putin’s Russia, if you piss him off, you’re liable to fall out of a high window or commit suicide from two bullets in the back of the head. That’s fine; it is what it is, live by the crime, die by the crime, etc.

The politicians, though… arrest some of these motherfuckers and charge them. Put them on trial. If they can convince a jury they’re innocent, so be it.

There was a guy on Reddit a couple of days ago who made a pretty solid argument that Merrick Garland is either a closet Trumper or a GQP sleeper agent. I don’t want to believe it, but he sure doesn’t seem to be doing much except waiting out the calendar. It particularly galls me that that rapist Matt Gaetz is still walking around a free man, when there are witnesses and receipts that say he did exactly what he is accused of. Why is that?

Why isn’t Trump being charged with any of the many crimes he has committed? Giuliani? Flynn? Powell? Lindell? Epstein’s many co-conspirators, which include at least one ex-president? There are others, but it aggravates me to even think their names. Why are these people not being called to defend their probable crimes?

Y’all are going to lose your democracy, just through apathy and inaction.


Just because the news can report allegations and sources confirming allegations doesn’t mean that there is any legal basis for prosecution.

Same applies to this story.

The Matt Gaetz story is a great example of why this type of allegation reporting is dangerous, all it has accomplished so far is making Gaetz supporters feel like they are winning.

And yeah, we are living in crazy times. Did you see the bunch of idiots that almost executed the politicians certifying our election?


The crimes described in this article took place in Ukraine and so are not under the purview of the DOJ.

More broadly speaking, though, due to the legal concept of double jeopardy, prosecutors only get one shot at charging somebody with a crime, and the Constitution also requires that trials be conducted with all due speed. Thus, prosecutors are loathe to bring criminal charges against anyone unless and until they are absolutely sure that they have enough evidence to secure a conviction. The law simply does not allow them to charge first and gather evidence later.

In high profile cases, prosecutors are doubly loathe to discuss the details of any crimes that they are investigating or specific charges that they are considering filing because media coverage can taint a jury pool, which increases the risk of technicalities sinking the case that they have put so much time into.


It’s my feeling that if the news is reporting allegations then the case is likely already dead, especially if charges are not made within a day or two.


I wouldn’t necessarily say that. There are a lot of court filings that are a necessary prerequisite to gathering evidence toward eventually/possibly filing charges, and these are a matter of public record unless specifically sealed by the courts. Any news about Trump and his ilk are the bread and butter of the news media these days, so they are going to jump on anything in the public record or anything whispered about by anyone involved in the court processes. On the one hand, it’s hard to be optimistic that charges are actually coming, but on the other hand, it has only been 14 months since Trump left office.

If Ford hadn’t pardoned Nixon, I wonder how long it would have taken for charges to be filed…

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Pavel Fuks is Jewish.

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As is Stephen Miller. And Trump and Putin are “christian”. Fascism seems to have a special place in their hearts, more than the religions they profess.


Pavel Fuks is one of the founders of the Babyn Yar memorial, so it seems likely that he did the graffiti job because his FSB handlers told him to and for no other reason.

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