Rolling Stone: Sources say oligarch with ties to Trump paid thugs to paint swastikas in Ukraine

Whatever or whoever prompted him to do this, it’s shameful. His name needs to be stripped from any association with any memorial to victims of fascism.


And the Koch brothers gave money to cancer research, while at the same time advocating for policies that limited health care and made the world more polluted. A few million spent on PR projects doesn’t mean their over all influence wasn’t carcinogenic.


I’m not partial to the Garland conspiracy theory - I just think he is cautious and thorough. But what I can’t figure is why the NY attorney general has backed out of the prosecution of trump when the alienated prosecutors all say its an open and shut case. WTF is going on?


This is so confusing. Is it a ‘false flag’ operation if you are pretending to be a Nazi but are also actually a Nazi?


Graffiti is the least of anyone’s worries. All you have to do is lookup the trails of extremists who fired on protesters/Berkut during Maidan (no one charged), murdering of journalists and opposition party leaders like Party of Regions and Communists, banning these parties/banning opposition news networks, Victor Yushchenko honoring Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera which was subsequently rolled back, investigation and non-disclosure of autopsies at Burning of Trade Unions building incident in Odessa (+no one charged, pressure from extremists), the Azov / Aidar / C19 battalions and their official incorporation into the national military, and the activities and ideologies of Right Sector & Svoboda.

The “Big Lie” is that Ukraine is a “nazi” state. All outer counterfactuals must be seen in light of the truth of this big lie.

Russian agents are paid to paint swasticas in Ukraine, because Ukraine either

a) removes them, a sign that it is ashamed of its own history,
b) lets them be, in which case it is is numb to its own dreadfully shameful history-- a history which russian agents generously remind them of by paying people to paint swasticas.

The fact that Zelenskyy leads Ukraine, is taken as a sign that he is too corrupt, and too mentally disturbed to recognize that he–of all people–should not be leading a “nazi” state, and this is emblematic of a broader inability of Ukrainian society to recognize that they are “nazis”.




Re: banning opposition parties


Which are fringe parties/coalitions siloed of from real political power in Ukraine. Ideologues of any stripe don’t do well there politically.

While it is certainly problematic that Kyiv incorporates fascist militias like Azov Battalion into its defense structure, these are relatively small units of irregulars. The vast majority of Ukrainians are happy to see them sacrificing their lives in Donbas fighting pro-Russian fascists rather than making domestic trouble in the rest of the country.

What this all means is that, in order to portray Ukraine as a nation-state run by Nazis, we see the strange and pathetic spectacle of a Jewish billionaire being ordered by his master in the Kremlin to pay people to spray paint swastikas on buildings.

Also, dear comrade:


Also, regarding fascist Azhof regiment:

(If you don’t follow Beau, you really should. I don’t know when the man sleeps, but he is usually ahead of most reporting with logical, rational analysis of events.)


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