Ron DeSantis poses as Christian but scrambled to find Amazon bible for photo op

Originally published at: Fake Christian DeSantis had no bible


I don’t think I would refer to myself as Christian, but I have at least 2, possibly 3, Bibles on my office bookshelf (family heirlooms), plus I know I could find at least one other in the house given 5 minutes, as my spouse also has a family one somewhere.

He didn’t have family with one he could borrow? Heck, I have an in-law about 10 minutes away that I know has a massive Bible on their dresser.


DeSantis, like most Republicans of his ilk, worships only Mammon and Moloch.


When NBC News reached out to the well-heeled MAGA man,


If only he’d slept at a Holiday Inn Express, he could have swiped theirs.


Same here. Unlike the phony Xtian governor of FL, this atheist has two Bibles on his shelves: one a family heirloom (suitable for swearing in) and a Jerusalem Bible for reference.


I’m an atheist and I own one. I’m not sure where it is right now, but I could find it easily enough, I’m sure. Also, Amazon?

There’s a Catholic religious book and gift store just a few blocks from the Florida Capitol. So not only is he a hypocrite, he’s surrounded himself with idiots.


My highest-confidence guess is that Ron just enjoys posturing more than reading; but given his enthusiasm for reaction I wouldn’t be entirely surprised to hear that he’s somehow connected to one of the really hardcore antimodernist strains of Catholicism that still isn’t entirely sure about this whole ‘vernacular scripture’ thing.

You certainly won’t get the stake for it anymore; but being realy gung-ho about shoving scripture at the laity was always more a protestant than a catholic thing.


@fuzzyfungus, came to say the same thing. I was raised Catholic in the 1960’s and 1970’s and can’t recall if we had a bible in the house. That was something the priest read from on Sundays.

Now, however, I have several copies - both the Catholic version with Apocrypha and the Protestant version without - in hard copy and on my Kindle. I also have several of the non-canonical books. I suppose I could be sworn in with my hand on my Kindle!


Couldn’t he just steal one from a motel room, like most folks?

Those are free, like the soap and towels and furniture, right?


I’m not all religious, but I just counted three KJV bibles in my possession, two connected to family members dating as far back as 1898. In addition there’s my wife’s New American Standard (Catholic) bible. I would guess that the majority of North Americans would have the same or equivalent religious texts.

I’m amazed that a professed god-botherer like DeathSentence can’t find or borrow any sort of religious text suitable for swearing in.


Something like this, maybe? It is very inspirational; uplifting, even.


They already did that for Bartlett’s 2nd inauguration on The West Wing


Ditto. Not super religious but I have at least 1 in my book shelf, and the Lutheran Catechism. I know my aunt has an old bible, and I am sure my parents have a few, including this old one with cool old school engravings in them.


So not only is Ron DeSantis himself not a devout Christian, but not one of his staffers is even Christian-curious enough to own a bible? What the actual heck?


I wouldn’t let DeSantis touch any Bible that I owned, especially if it had any special emotional value to me.


Well ron-ron should have his security people gas and beat a few people so he can hold the bible upside down for the photo op.


Actually reading it would make it harder to keep in line with all the lucrative xitian/evangelical bullshit.


It’s almost like a lot of Republican’s wrap themselves in the trappings of faith, with out actually practicing it.

Oh sure, there are a lot of faithful church goers, but there are even more who are just using it as part of the grift. Like Trump and his photo op through protesters, and who can’t even name a single verse they like, even though just about everyone knows John 3:!6, at the very least.

Ironically both Biden and Obama seem more religious than half of these phonies, despite Democrats getting the atheist label constantly. I saw a video of Obama singing in church at a funeral and it was one of those genuine moments that you rarely see with politicians.


Wouldn’t owning a Bible be part of the “trappings” we’d expect from performative Christians, though? It’s just such a low-effort, baseline thing…