Roseanne Barr with Kari Lake at Mar-a-Lago warns youth: Quit "devil-worshipping, baby blood-drinking" college! (video)

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I clearly went to the wrong college. Or was just not invited to those parties.


Man, I feel old. I can remember when Rosanne was considered a “domestic goddess”, completely normal, and a funny comedian.

Her right turn into nuttiness has been sad to watch.


Damn, I missed all the fun back in college! Of course, we had to wrangle the dinosaurs to ride to class, so I guess there was that.

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I was going to minor in Devil Worship, but I have a nasty allergy to baby blood.


I never much enjoyed her stand-up or sitcom, mainly because I always sensed a nasty strain of anti-intellectual pandering running through them. Her turn toward far-right lunacy seems like a natural extension of that mindset.


I remember when her show used to have an explicitly pro-union, fair-wages, tax-the-rich and screw-the-Republicans message. Never super intellectual but definitely pro-working-class progressive.

There were episodes focusing on issues like sexism, intergenerational trauma, classism, internalized racial prejudice and sexuality. It was one of the first “mainstream” sitcoms to have a major recurring character come out as gay. In terms of angering conservatives her show was right up there with Murphy Brown for a while. And of course there was that time President George H.W. Bush and others attacked her for her offensively bad delivery of the National Anthem at a baseball game.

Absolutely unrecognizable today.


When I think about her in retrospect I realize “fish don’t see the water” was kind of true about Anti-Semitism in my environment.

The entitlement of famous people when they get fired for being an ass too often in public is shocking to the rest of the working world though where everyone generally acknowledges this can lose you a job or two.


If I were 18 now I wouldn’t go to college.

Because I couldn’t afford it.


I regret going to college and wish I’d had the chance to wait and think it through more. I made really ridiculous sacrifices for it too. Ultimately it did benefit me to have done so. But honestly this should never have been a barrier for entry to most career paths the way it is now. I do understand that people need educational foundations for certain careers, but her saying something like this in today’s job market feels like she is grooming vulnerable young people by trying to bring them into her creepy cult.

Which… yeah…Ugh…


In the 1980s conservative intellectuals were all the rage in popular media (think Michael J. Fox’s character in Family Ties) and most sitcoms were about wealthy or at least upper-middle-class families. So at the time Roseanne’s show first aired a sitcom about working-class progressives struggling to pay the bills on two full-time incomes probably seemed downright leftist.


WTF is wrong with these assholes?!


They think we won’t notice it is reheated antisemitism.


Demented bastards.


The sad thing is that I’ve also seen that same shift in attitude among actual working class people from the 1980s to today. The white ones, anyway. I know too many working class white people who are living paycheck to paycheck, still in their 50s and 60s… and they all fucking love Trump.


When I was in high school a thousand years ago, a friend’s mom was hyper-conservative despite needing welfare to survive and feed her kids. She spewed some gobbledegook when I asked how she could support politicians who wanted to cut or eliminate welfare - her welfare, to be precise.

The cognitive dissonance and denial is just mind-blowing. Leopards Eating Faces Party indeed.


I’m torn on college, but lean towards getting the piece of paper if you remotely interested in a career where it’s a barrier of entry.

Dropped out of my undergrad program with 2 or 3 semesters to go, went back and got an associate’s in network engineering plus a certificate in UX from a leading university. Had a successful career as a UX researcher for almost 20 years until I was laid off 8 months ago and have been looking for a new gig ever since.

Even with all of that experience and a lots of connections, the lack of an undergrad degree means that I’m automatically discarded by most applicant tracking systems and recruiters. It’s maddening!


What’s worse is the recruitment software used is one of the fastest adopting sectors of AI screening. As you can guess - it’s not exactly forgiving if you don’t check all the boxes exactly as requested.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if we see a massive rise in CVs padded with a few untruths just to get an interview - at least until these AIs get access to post-secondary databases.

ps - hope you find something soon


Lunacy and blood libel. Lovely.


She was! A very “every woman” down to earth, sarcastic comedian. I remember my mom liked her a lot, and I watched the show all the time.

Anyway, I remember in college I didn’t worship the devil, we just hung out on the weekend.