Rudy Giuliani calls senator to slow down vote count, leaves message on the wrong voice mail

Back when Obama was sworn in for his first term, Justice Roberts said a word wrong during the oath. Right wing media went batshit and claimed, as a result, Obama wasn’t really president. In fact, there was such a stink that Obama retook the oath the next day just to shut them up. They were probably going to try to argue that since Congress didn’t finish the count on the 6th it would be null and void. Yeah, it’s stupid, but so has been everything else Giuliani has done.


I remember that. I found it a bit strange, as if the magic spell “Level Up to President” doesn’t work unless the words are uttered exactly as the scroll is written.

But how could the redo happen? In my limited D&D experience, tripping over the words while reading a scroll was a nat1 level roll and bad things would happen. And scrolls went “poof” once read, correctly or not. Perhaps my DM was just mean?

Makes more sense when I realized the re-do was to placate the far-right nutjobs, who often consider such mundane things a flag fringes or if your birth certificate lists your name in upper case or not.


He still has obligations and responsibilities as an officer of the court. For instance, he has an obligation to report illegal activity while it is happening, or if is going to happen in the future, even if it is his client.


So do mafia lawyers.

Who would be culpable for doing the same kind of thing. I’d expect mafia lawyers to be much more clever or find themselves dismembered or in jail early in their careers.


Good thing Giuliani never worked for the Mafia. He’s sleazy and not that clever.


As evidenced by the fact that he’s still walking around loose…then again, there’s no proof he isn’t dead.


Why is Giuliani not in jail already?


It’s too late for this Rudy though.


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