Rudy Giuliani's daughter Caroline: "Three-Way Sex With Couples Has Made Me a Better Person"

Far from the Tree: Parents, Children,… book by Andrew Solomon (

Excellent book on that topic. Highly recommended.


This is my objection. Consenting adults finding what makes them happy is a great theme. “Sexploits of the rich and infamous” not so much.


Yeah, framing her as Rudy Guiliani’s daughter 1.) primarily defines her by her relationship to a (shitty) man, and 2.) indicates that we’re supposed to think it’s funny or something that Giuliani’s daughter has this “wild” sex life or whatever? It feels gross. Like, she’s already likely getting judged by shitty conservatives, but this framing makes her an object of jest for shitty (pseudo)progressives who think they’re dunking on Rudy.


In the bi community, it’s a common cliché to come across dating app profiles of women who are listed as WLW, but as soon as a woman contacts them, the profile woman will say she and her boyfriend are “looking for their unicorn” for a threeway. The profiles are almost never upfront about that.

It’s a real problem for bi women. A lot of them feel like they’re treated as a sex accessory for otherwise straight couples.


The thing isn’t really her, her motives, etc, its Vanity Fair’s. They very likely would not publish a memoir if it was just a woman in a throuple (thats more a Cosmo thing), they are publishing it specifically because of who her father is. And people are reading it and talking about it, as we are, because of that.

I do wonder how the Trumpies will play this. Will it be “poor Rudy, his daughter corrupted by godless libs,” or “weak Rudy, can’t control his daughter’s sexualtiy like a good repugly should…”

ETA I realize those probably aren’t exclusive positions

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I’m not sure what this piece is about. If this were anybody BUT Rudy’s daughter, would I care?

In the “Rudy” framing, there’s a VAST amount of hypocrisy between the GOP’s constant moralizing, and the behavior of the children of its operatives. Or put another way, the juxtaposition of two extremes of the “culture war”, even though anyone without a dog in the MAGA race knows the kind of debased and exploitive shenanigans that takes place behind the doors of the 1% who literally own the GOP messaging.

Careful with the we, Eugene.

The opinion that a sex positive article written by a woman has no value other than who her father is may turn out not to be as widely shared you presume.

Nowhere in the Vanity Fair article does she mention her father, even indirectly. So you are, in effect, asserting that the only reason she can get Vanity Fair to publish her thoughts on an open lifestyle is because of who her father is. It is you and those who share that express opinion, and arguably the author of the title of this Boing Boing post, who are relegating her to the shadow of her father, not Caroline Rose Giuliani or Vanity Fair.


Let me just say as a person who practices polyamory and ENM, we do not call it “The Lifestyle”. That is most associated with swingers, and while there is some overlap in the community, there are some HUGE (and often ethical) differences.



Welp, you’ve said everything I feel about this, but better. Good for her for finding her way.


It could also be that she decided to write this because she knew it would get attention because of who she is and that it would give her space to make an argument for great understanding and respect for this kind of relationship.


Like who gives a shit what they think?

To be entirely fair, this is often true of many people who are the children of high profile, powerful individuals. :woman_shrugging:


Indeed, especially if they’re women. You don’t see Ronan Farrow putting up with this shit (nor should he have to).


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I’m not familiar with Caroline Giuliani’s work, but we do know that Ronan Farrow’s work is pretty solid. But it really dis help in starting out his career that his mother is Mia Farrow and his father Woody Alan. We’re not a country with an even playing field… but that also doesn’t mean that people who come from privilege can’t do good work in their fields.


Good for her. I had a similar relationship for 17 years. It’s an amazing dynamic that most often one feels afraid to share due to American’s passion to shame anyone and everyone not doing it “the right way”. Meanwhile as you hide what is working so well for you, you have to watch all the smug kink shamers have one after another failed monogamous relationships due to affairs.

Of course we had friends that were hip to what was going on. But then we had other friends and relatives and employers that were always wondering why the friend was always being included. It’s a wonderful style of relationship but being surrounded by hostility is a constant stress.

So to come out and stop worrying about the villagers and their pitch forks can be a big deal for some. I don’t know anything about Caroline so I am not going to assume what her motivation is but I hope it is genuine.


One of the few triple relationships I’ve seen acknowledged in the media was in The Man in the High Castle, the recent TV series, where three of the protagonists seemed to have been in a thing together until one of them left town to join the Resistance—one of the abandoned dudes was trying to break it to the other, like “She left us and she’s not coming back”

"She left us"

I don’t know if that was from the source material, which I haven’t read, or if the writers even intended that kind of implication, but that’s what I got from it



I don’t know if it has made me a better person, but the three-way can be very useful for plugging in, if you know what I mean :wink:


Look at those three adorable, horrified faces…


Danish outlets seem to be enjoying themselves


To be clear: I wasn’t critiquing Caroline’s framing in her piece, but David’s framing here, which emphasizes the Rudy connection in ways Caroline’s piece doesn’t.