San Juan mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz sports "Nasty" shirt during TV interview


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Good for her.

Perhaps ol’ Thinskin should have kept a roll of kitchen paper to mop up his tears with, cos she she is being really, really mean to him.


You can get one of those Ts at your local woman-owned custom print shop.


I adore that woman.


Some Trumpists on Twitter were saying the situation in PR can’t possibly be as bad as it was made out to be because Cruz was able to get her hands on some custom T-shirts (she had previously worn one on CNN reading “Help us we are dying.”)

Apparently they are under the impression that it would be impossible to put together the massive resources required to make a T-shirt in a country where most of the infrastructure isn’t up and running. (Forget the fact that you could easily put together a home screen printing setup in your garage even if you lacked electricity.)


What I like is that the orange one is trying to deflect from the lack of response to Puerto Rico by getting into it with the mayor and the mayor keeps bringing it back to helping Puerto Rico, and not sinking to his level.


Card, paint, t-shirt; Hell, I could knock something up with just what is under my bed!
Admittedly, if i lived in Puerto Rico I’d probably have other priorities right now.


Kind of appropriate, in a way:


I’m a little worried about what you keep under your bed now.


It’s ballsy and all, but in today’s twisted political environment, she should be careful about baiting Trump too much. Sadly, he seems like the kind of guy who could vindictively fuck an entire island because he’s pissed off at a mayor.


Paint. Glitter. Various sticky tapes. Stanley knife.
See, if I also say “Sketchbooks” then it sounds like art supplies :wink:


ok. no my office is wondering why I was guffawing like a loon.


It is art supplies. It’s just that some mediums can also be used for other purposes.


Man, I miss my x-acto knife…


I am now even more scared than before. Some how I think that’s working as intended. :smiley:


I can see tRump’s cheeto colored face on fire.


Never miss WITH my x-acto knife, surely? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


When I was a freshman in college and the art department gave us our lists of supplies that would be needed, I was kinda stunned by how much potentially dangerous material they trusted us with.


If it ever came down to using it for that purpose, I’d suppose not; but as it stands I ended up cutting myself more often than anyone else that first year…

I do know that I never felt very worried walking back to my dorm alone after dark.

Art students stay “strapped.”


I used to work with glitter, pounds of it everyday.
If you keep glitter anywhere, you keep it everywhere.
I’ve peed it.


For a moment I was going to ask, how much worse could his response get? But then I remembered that with Trump even when you think he’s hit the absolute bottom he always manages to find a level below that.


I was introduced to the Duke of Kent in my Uni studies; he wanted to see the art department and what we were working on as he is a trustee and all that gumpf. Security guys everywhere, as you’d expect.

TL;DR I met British royalty while holding a Stanley knife.