Sassy Trump on Parkland shooting:' I'd Have Run In There Without A Weapon'


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holy shiiiiiiit that is hilarious



I see why this guy got tapped to play The Tick.


That bloated sissy would have waddled away as fast his fat little bone spurs could move.

My god that insane SOB really believes his own stories about being such a bad ass. Please shut up you ridiculous buffoon. It’s hard to know what anyone is gonna do when the lead is flying unless you’ve trained and drilled to put yourself in harms way. That ain’t you Donny, you only run toward the scent of money.


Hair = Weapon?


it’s nice that you hate trump, but please don’t call him a sissy. It sullies the reputation of all the good decent effeminate men of the world to be compared to Donald Trump.


He wants to be a macho man!


Now, I’m not sure why so many people are giving Trump heat for saying he would run toward a crazy person armed with an assault rifle.

Edit: OK, not normally gallows humor I’d make, but it was sitting right there…


“Run” “towards danger” Suuuuuuure. Either one of those sounds likely.
Trump keeps doubling down on being the most ridiculous possible version of the “internet tough guy.” Which is absurd enough for anyone, but even more ridiculous given who he is.

(To be clear, instinctively cringing in the face of danger is a normal human reaction, without any shame. But it’s also not the reaction of someone who’s going to be automatically heading towards gunshots, either.)


easy to say you run when you only walk it’s another thing to run five miles


Or preferably just ride in a golf cart.


with the requisite luggage …or just carry on



Whoever is writing America this season: you need to stop now, it’s just not credible any more.


Seems like they’re trying to get the show canceled…


Yeah, I too was wondering: If sleeping around with tons of models was equivalent in his mind to going to Vietnam, I wonder what he would find equivalent to going in after a school shooter? Maybe a pee party with some hookers.


Gawd, what a farse…



Well I for one believe President Trump, and I think that he needs to be airlifted into the next school shooting, so we can prove his bravery. Just drop him off, unarmed, and we can see what happens.