Saudi millionaire acquitted of raping teen in London, says he tripped and accidentally penetrated her


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Yeah, I just tried to type two comments but ended up looking like that.


I need the Taiwanese animators on this one: STAT!


Yeah, I just read the articles and stared at the comment box for at least a full minute.

Wow. Just…wow.


I’m looking forward to the MythBusters re-creation of this particular event.


That’s my reaction to this as well.


At least it’s a welcome change from “she’s a lying slut”, which is the usual go-to in rape cases.

Yeah, no, still shaking my head.


Can I volunteer?

We tested condoms at the FDA. Alas I was not part of that project.




I was hoping after the initial reading the ‘…wat…’ reaction would go away and allow me coherent thought, but I still can’t… even…

That’s… like some kind of halfassed excuse a teenager would make if their parents caught them or something.

Just… Wat?


That’s like dropping a hot dog out of an airplane and having it just happen to land in an empty bun.

(A bun that did not provide consent.)


On the plus side, at least we have a working estimate for the upper bound on the amount of money you need to buy an entire jury in the UK.


“he tripped and accidentally penetrated her”


It’s this scenario covered in Leviticus?

I read part of the first paragraph, but then there was an autoplay video ad, so I clicked away.


The villagers of London are supposed to stone her to death, and the guy gets to keep all her father’s sheep as compensation.



I had this problem all the time in college, except the rape part.


“During the trial, Judge Martin Griffiths permitted the rare step of allowing 20 minutes of Abdulaziz’s evidence to be heard in private.”