School secretary loses job after racist tirade captured on video


Please give us an update when someone finds out or reports what triggered her. Did someone criticize her parenting skills?

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GOOB JOB!!..slapping the phone on CONCRETE…lol…now she has to EAT MONEY for her WORDS!!! ALWAYS works out in the END!!..


From an Italian point of view that’s hilarious: because Terrone, the woman’s surname, is our “N word” , indicating offensively Italian rednecks form the south.
So it sounds quite funny.


Are… Are you me? My daughter wonders why I don’t spend more time with her when 99% of the interactions we have are her tearing me a new one because I don’t agree that the world should bend over backward to accommodate her.


Nah. Irrelevant. I’ve been mad as hell and never once in my life has that anger made me want to call anyone the n-word or any other racial slur. Rage and alcohol are both disinhibitors under which people are more likely to express what’s really in their hearts. No one becomes a racist under stress.

I do feel bad for her kids being raised by a bigot. Children deserve better.


Wow, I was not expecting that level of racism. On a scale of 1-10 that’s a ten.


That’s the God’s honest truth. Stress causes one to revert to what is most natural for you. In this case, that is something… unattractive.


She was just a bigot that one time…and she didn’t inhale.



I’m not defending or diminishing the disgust I have with this incident, but I’m not sure there is anywhere in the good ol’ USA where this kind of thing is unlikely. Every week it’s some more racist bullshit, Colorado, Florida, Oregon, Texas, Massachusetts, Ohio, etc. And tossing it off as “oh, that’s just Florida for you” is counter-productive.

I keep remembering this idea (promoted by right wing pundits) that the election of Obama was some kind of proof that racism wasn’t an issue anymore.

(Anyway, I’m glad I left CT too, but mainly because it was so boring.)


we are human, and we need to teach our kids that sometimes we mess up. sometimes we hit our thumb with a hammer and need to drop an F bomb. i am ok teaching my kids that we don’t curse…you know, except when we do. but you need to teach them when it is appropriate and when it is not. and one thing i have tried to teach my kids, and will continue to do so: NEVER USE THE N WORD. just don’t. ever. Also, trying to teach them that we are all people. we may have some differences but really we are so very similar. never treat another human the way this woman did. i feel horrible for her kids. i hope these kids have a realization like that kid that got vaccines when he became of age, even though the parents refused to vaccinate them. one day i hope they wake up and say “you raised me to be racist, but its wrong, and i am not going to be like that anymore”. one, can hope, right? props to the man’s friends holding him back, i would have wanted to punch this lady.


Is she around 15 or 16, by any chance?


Er, yeah. Not able to read. Thanks, Hartford Courant, for opting to just block all traffic from Europe rather than not force your tracking on us.

Sorry for going off topic, but I feel like calling out things like this now.


That’s not an option for me and many billions of other people on the planet.

You enjoy it while you can, though.

This, exactly. The hatred was already in her; no one had to ‘provoke’ it into coming to the surface.


And this is what leaves me torn. While it would be nice if they kept their poison to themselves, it’s also nice knowing who and what they are. MAGA hats are also great for this. Plus, when they have kids, they aren’t keeping it to themselves. They’re passing it on. At least by exploding in public, her kids will see the reactions of the people around them and perhaps learn from it.


I’d say this is about 5. 10 is if everyone else around were cheering as well.


Aye, though preferably not by hurling racial abuse at people. The MAGA hats are probably the closest thing to wearing a sign saying Racist Shithead Alert!

Racist Shithead Alert incidentally the worst Command & Conquer game ever.


Awaiting “…on both sides…” in 5, 4, …


Oh, man, you’re not kidding. When I go back to visit family, I feel the crushing bore hit me as soon as I step off the jetway. I would agree that CT isn’t unique when it comes to racism, but growing up I saw way too many “nice” women turn viciously racist when they didn’t get their way, in a way that I haven’t really seen since I left the northeast. There is a brand of white privilege that you find in that part of the country that is frightening, because it’s so thoroughly repressed until it explodes. I think it’s the Puritan history.


Any word on what set her off?

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She’s 21 thankyouverymuch, still lives at home and is convinced her age means she doesn’t have to listen to what anybody has to say.