Scientific Giants of All Time: Donald Trump's Gut


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH we pay tribute to one of the Great Contributors to Science: the ample gut of Donald J. Trump!




His guts are over rated.


His guts are going to destroy our country / system of government. As RGB has said - "We have the oldest written constitution still in force in the world, and it starts out with three words, ‘We, the people.’ "


Well, my gut tells me that his gut is a dunce.


I hate his guts. But his gut most specifically.






It must be some kind of bacterial hive-mind living in his gut. That might explain the weird diet.


I know you are making a joke about Trump, but I wonder how close that is to true about all of us.


a little bit fiber , a little bit yogurt , all will be better soon !


It’s so hard for me to trust his guts when he’s always talking out of his rectum.


Less nitrogen.


Assuming, against all evidence, that he has any. I’ll believe in them when I see them for myself.


Did he eat his uncle?


fucking idiot


Reading that blurb from Australia again the other day was a reminder that there are possibly greater lows yet to be plumbed. But it’s just a matter of time, unless maybe Mueller prevails first?

“Well the laws of Australia prevail in Australia, I can assure you of that. The laws of mathematics are very commendable, but the only law that applies in Australia is the law of Australia.”


Its is a very big gut, I dare to say a yuge gut.


Is it anyone else’s impression that TtDB been getting better and better over time, or is it just me?