Scold's bridle, iron muzzle once used to punish women, for sale on eBay


The smoothness of the iron straps (looks like modern cold rolled steel, not hammered) suggests a modern reproduction.

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How appallingly sexist. I for one would be delighted to use it on my nagging boyfriend.


This brank is only $400

Same dealer.

India and Pakistan are the new wild west of manufacturers that make duplicates of other company’s products. There are a bazillion leather bondage type items that have flooded Ebay, etc…from these businesses. The Indian/Pakistani manufacturers are real sleazebags that will even use the original manufacturer/designer’s photos on their website.

I seem to recall that I saw this item in some dubious purient history book about torture, then later in a 1970’s bondage mag from a sleazy California publisher, probably Centurian, who published thousands of schlock bondage/fetish magazines, happily stealing images from wherever. I guess the Indian manufacturer got their hands on this too, given the particular manner it is presented…so I suppose the circle begins again.

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The head cage looks a little large to be “effective”

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Tony Robinson on his wonderful Worst Jobs in History program once wore a scold’s bridle. A rope was tied to it and he was paraded through the street while being flogged by a group of men so he could experience the torment visited on women who dared speak their mind too freely.

The one in the photo appears to be missing the part that protruded into the mouth and pressed down on the tongue, which is supposedly the very worst part of the ordeal.

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The bell is a nice touch…

Mr S leathers makes a version for men.

Ah! I did remember seeing some man dressed as a woman wearing that thing, and that’s exactly what it was. Great series.

worst jobs of the tudors, perhaps?

Because they CAN make these items, does not make their theft of designs in any way subversive or revolutionary, or the ground that they have built their business upon defensible… They are replicationists, that are undermining the original fetish businesses that they steal from who designed and perfected their goods. The original designers were usually deeply personally involved in these underground scenes. The crapola from the Indian/Pakistani and sometimes Chinese manufacturers is inferior in fit, construction, function and materials. BUT - it sells for a price that is about the same as what the materials would cost a manufacturer in North America. Purchase at your own risk.

In 100 years, bob basset’s BDSM masks will reappear similarly.

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The aged patina of black Rustoleum.


this thing is at most $30 worth of mild steel flats, probably less, because the “forged” bits are quite a bit thinner than the straps. oh, and a matching hex nut and bolt (not around in any quantity before ~1850)…

not to say that it’s garbage, it’s got to be hand made, but EIGHTEEN HUNDRED FREAKING DOLLARS? that’s completely insane. i’ll happily make you one for a cool grand. =D

(actually, the same seller has another auction for the same item, for only $300.)

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Ahhh, the rich and beautiful culture that is India.

worst jobs of the tudors, part 5 of 6

The rest of the video isn’t as kinky. Unless you’re into cross dressing boys.

Makes one wonder if the entire history of such items is completely bogus. This one doesn’t present much of a challenge. No other purpose than to sell to gullible “collectors.”


This isn’t anything like a typical scold’s bridle- they usually have a flat plate that goes into the mouth to restrict the tongue (hence ‘bridle’), rather than a serrated clamp for an extended tongue.

A friend of mine has made reproductions of some of this sort of thing. Don’t think he’s done a scold’s bridle, but he’s done a nice shrew’s fiddle.