Seditious "Proud Boy" Joe Biggs gets 17 years

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He tearfully begged the judge to give him a chance to drive his young daughter to school some day. I guess there’s always a chance she grows up to be a teacher.

Either way it’s probably for the best that her childhood won’t have much of him in it.


Still feeling proud there, boy?

It’s a lenient sentence, but as jlw wrote, likely long enough to make future white supremacists think twice before following Trumpian marching orders. I’ll take that as a win.


Before being sentenced, Biggs begged for forgiveness and leniency. He downplayed his role in the Jan. 6 riots and said that day was set to be the last event he planned to do with the Proud Boys as he had plans to step back from the organization.

Well, that was certainly the last event he planned.



Obviously the criminal element that he hung around with led him astray.

The Proud Boys also have ties to longtime Trump associate and convicted felon Roger Stone, and they are open about its support for the outgoing president. Another leader, Joe Biggs, boasted last year that he was having dinner with Trump at the president’s D.C. hotel, and shared a picture of himself seated beside Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. Trump’s official schedule that evening included “remarks at a fundraising committee reception” at Trump International Hotel at 8:00 PM.


I think it’s the second-longest sentence for a J6 insurrectionist yet, just shy of Stewart Rhodes’ 18 years. Here’s hoping it’s long enough for him to come out of prison a different person than the one who went in.


Mama always said all Proud Boys grow up to be Disgraced Men…


Biggs said that he was “seduced” by the mob and “just moved forward.

“I wanted to see what would happen,” he said. “My curiosity got the best of me and I’m going to have to live with that for the rest of my life.”

What a load unmitigated bullshit. They had planned for months. Joe the insurrectionist has 17 long years to think about “curiosity”.


Seventeen years is nice – but the only good Nazi is a dead Nazi.


He’ll be retirement age when he’s released and have really crappy job prospects (too old, a felon, no current job skills) to add to his monthly tiny welfare check.


Put the orange goof in the same cell.



Or come out in a box. Either one works for me.


So if his T-shirt is emblazoned with “DEATH TO ANTIFA” and Anitfa means Anti-Fascist, this presumably means his support is for/from the “FA” side, FA being short for Fascist. If this straighforward reasoning holds, he can go fuck himself sideways. I had family that served in Italy and other parts of Europe during WWII fighting exactly what he supports. Fuck him and his ilk. I hope he’s put in an ancient prison with no air conditioning in a hot, humid climate.


Well, hopefully he has at least learned the meaning of infamy now, but in case he hasn’t the time in prison will surely teach him.


I hope all these people end up Proud Geezers by the time they get to show their faces again, but yes, Proud Corpses would be even better. They’re literally Nazis. There’s no reason to let them out where they can hurt people ever again. No matter how humane or rehabilitation-focused the prison (which I’m sure the USA ones aren’t), once a Nazi, always a Nazi. This isn’t a mistake they made, it’s a deliberate choice to follow in the footsteps of the most reviled and evil human beings in all of history.


My thoughts exactly. At first I thought the judge bought his crock of shit because he sentenced him to little over half what the prosecutors asked for. But instead the judge reasoned that the sentence needed to be proportional to the sentences of others. Disappointing, but probably also appeal-proof (i.e. he might feel a higher sentence could be knocked down below 17 years on appeal). In the end I don’t think the judge gave the “curiosity” line any credence. (Would be nice if the media, instead of just uncritically repeating the felon’s cries for mercy, also laid out the evidence presented of his months of planning for violent confrontation.)


Aah Joe “Rambo” Biggs.


In this installment, Alex [Jones] does a “special” Saturday episode where he interviews Mike Flynn about impending hack attack false flags, and then talks to his former employee Rambo Joe Biggs, live from prison, about how he’s been sentenced to 17 years in jail for plotting a seditious conspiracy.

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