Senate Republicans introduce resolution ensuring ISPs don't need your permission to sell your private data and SSN


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Seriously, this is fucking sad only made worse by the people who will support it and then get crewed because of it.


But they told me Hillary was the one in the pocket of the corporations.


Well thank goodness he’s protecting me from having the government protect me from what the hell?


He’s got a great smile doesn’t he? Republicans are always pleased with themselves when they’ve found another way to screw people and enrich themselves. Fucking swine!


“With the removal of the no-poisons-in-food rule at the FDA, we’re empowering Americans to protect their family with the freedom of choosing how much or how little poison they choose to ingest with their food…or something. We got a lot of lobbying money for this. Is my mic still on?”


Flake is everything his name suggests.


Good. I’m sick and tired of the government preventing companies from selling my private information without my permission!


I’ve had it with the TGOP and Drumpf. I’m sending this in to clean up that town


According to the article:

  • Senator Flake ® says it’s an “innovation-stifling regulation (with) the potential to negatively impact consumers and the future of Internet innovation.”

  • Senator Markey (D) says “Consumers will have no ability to stop Internet service providers from invading their privacy and selling sensitive information about their health, finances, and children to advertisers, insurers, data brokers or others who can profit off of this personal information, all without their affirmative consent.”

Assuming the real impact is somewhere between these views, where is it? Some of both? Lots of one to get some of the other? Anyone?


Why assume the real impact is somewhere between those views? It seems it’s become an official tactic of the TGOP now to assert bald-faced lies about policies, issues, health care, immigration, terrorism, etc. They are acting in extremely bad faith because they just found out they can and I see no reason for this to not be an extension of that.


So Flake could actually be saying, in lizard, that it’s a “profit-innovation-stifling regulation (with) the potential to negatively impact the ways we can profit off consumers and the future of Internet profit innovation.” But we don’t hear the $$$$$ parts.


That is such a dangerous assumption these days, given that the current Republican party demonstrably has no moral qualms whatsoever about bald-faced lying.
(And yeah, the Republican party seems to consistently do find-and-replace searches on “profit” in their documents to make their proposals seem remotely palatable.)


Well, they have to do something to fight all those facts!



You monsters.

You Monster

I mean I think its just a dialectical miscommunication myself. It takes a trained ear to distinguish the “s” sounds from “$”.


Right about here:


yes, the vertical diacritical stroke signifies a sotto voce sibilance inaudible to non-herps


So what ISP does Senator Flake use? I’m been looking for a unique Christmas gift to buy.


Stop maligning Trump voters as a bunch of low-information, high-passion nitwits. They knew what they wanted (I guess?) and this was it: Corporations ruling their lives with no one to tell them No.

What do we want? Corporations doing whatever the fuck they feel like doing!

When do we want it! Obama was from Kenya!