Senators vote Yes to Brett


Yeah, this. Kavanaugh (or whomever) getting confirmed was always the default assumption, since the GOP has a Senate majority and filibuster has been removed from judicial nominations. But instead of being a done deal, it got stretched out, with the testimony of Dr. Ford, Kavanaugh’s shitshow of a “testimony”, and the blatantly one-sided behavior of the Committee Republicans all on video for people to see and Democrats to use. There was an outside investigation (no matter how perfunctory and toothless) that allowed the media to discuss the whole thing for a week, and new and credible accusers came forth. Finally, now every one of the Republicans is on the record for deliberately voting to confirm a man spectacularly unfit for Supreme Court, and quite likely guilty of sexual assault.

This is a win for the Republicans only in the sense that any other outcome would have been a disastrous defeat, and they just barely scraped over the finish line. If the GOP strategists have any sense at all, they want to avoid any such “wins” in the future like a plague.


Yes, this is looking so far like a losing strategy in terms of the midterms:


I’m beginning to think the Survivalists are actually on to something.

They haven’t been preparing for zombies. They’ve been preparing for this.


Maybe so, but for preparing what, exactly? For a misogynistic wingnut asshole to ascend to the SCOTUS? Or for a wave of women voters to vote in a lot of Dems during the midterms? Or . . . ?

I’m not trying to minimize how shitty things are getting in the U.S., because they’re definitely getting just about as shitty as ever. I’m just trying get a clear picture of what some sort of resulting “civil war” or “revolution” would actually look like.


The “civil war” or “revolution” is a pipe dream, nothing more. A foolish fantasy by naive idealists, or people who’ve internalized the both-sameism and anti-voting propaganda.

People who can’t be bothered to vote are not going to be bothered to rebel, either.


It depends on who starts it and when. The longer this goes on, the nastier the resulting explosion is going to be.

But, if things get moving in time, it could look something like this.







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