Sex pest reporter returns to work at the New York Times


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“How odd that false accusations supposedly destroy men’s careers, yet truthful ones barely touch them.” WTF are you trying to say with that line? Because it sure as fuck seems like you’re saying that we shouldn’t worry about false accusations. I know two teachers whose lives were destroyed by a false accusation by the same student. Their lives were torn apart before it was demonstrated that she was lying. If it isn’t a big deal then I’m sure a few false accusations against you won’t be an issue, will they?


We should worry about false accusations, in the same way we should worry about any sort of reputational fraud. That said, false accusations pale in significance and consequence to the suffering experienced by victims of the truthfully accused.

False accusations are often posed as a distraction from truthful ones. I know that by alluding to this, the door is opened to but some of them are lying. And here we are.


Seems like more than just a pest. According to the Vox article, he has a pattern of engaging in unwanted physical intimacy and then smearing his targets’ professional reputations by reversing their roles when he gossips about it. That’s vindictive extortion, not pestering.

In other words, Glenn Thrush slanders women who rebuff his unilateral sexual advances by saying they did what he actually did. Clearly he not only knows his behavior is wrong, but uses his knowledge that it’s wrong to damage his victims’ careers.

@ErnieMac: You do realize the irony that Thrush did to his victims exactly what you’re worried about women doing to men right?


Sadly, the vast majority are not, most of the time; the truth is often fucking ugly.

That said I wish dudes like this had to wear the equivalent of a ‘cone of shame’ upon returning to work; maybe that might help them keep themselves to themselves.


Thrush does seem to have a problem with licking strangers. (There’s a shame of cones joke in there, but I can’t find it.)



Dude looks like a m’lady version of Louis CK. M’louis.


At least it would give other people warning. It’s probably hard to kiss someone while wearing a cone too.


With as many hungry journalism grads out there, why does this asshat get to return to work at an institution like the NYT? Thrush isn’t uniquely qualified to do this job where others aren’t…

I don’t like it.


Have you told the editor of the NYT? A bit of public pressure can go a long way.


Just another reason, in addition to them becoming the white supremacist nationalist paper of note, to avoid NYT.

I’d say fuck 'em, but there’s this guy, so, ew.


Say what again?


Journalists aren’t exactly fungible. I imagine that good, experienced reporters are rather rarer than hungry journalism grads, and this guy wouldn’t have been put on the White House beat originally if he wasn’t good.

(Whether he’s enough of an asshole that he shouldn’t be allowed to work at the NYT is a separate issue.)


If the guy is a self confessed sexual abuser, how can he function as a reporter? Any interview can be stopped or undermined by simply bringing up his own appalling behaviour.


Electric pants?

Anyway, the NYT should send him back to the White House.
And keep him there.


It’s the hat - the magic hat. It shields him from negative chi.


Did anyone notice that first post basically is a suggestive threat? It’s so annoying when people do that with the way they phrase things. Power trips… Ernie… I don’t believe you. Doesn’t it suck when no one believes you? See, that’s inclusive.


If I never hear this horrible excuse of an apology again, it’ll be too soon. Seriously, when did saying you’re sorry about someone being upset become acceptable as an apology? Why not apologize for what you did?



That’s a bit too expansive a claim to make-- plenty of men get ruined by truthful accusations, that’s why there are rapists in prison.

I think the larger issue is how the higher up in society you are the less likely you are to pay the price. If Thrush worked for a small town newspaper and were a person of color he’d be looking for work as a garbage collector now.