Shirtless gentleman arrested for shooting corncobs at neighbor's home with potato gun


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I understand that you are legally obligated to say that.


If you own a home with neighbors you prolly went, “Eh … could happen.”


I love it when journalism focuses on what matters.


So was this a corn cob gun or a potato gun?


He’s just making America great again.


In my neck of the woods, the only interactions I’ve had with the neighborfolk is just waving as I come home and leave. Oh, and once a house on the street caught fire so we all came out and tried to remember that family’s name. None of us could because we never talk.


Pfft. Hunter S. Thompson is not impressed. He know how to feud with neighbors.


“Corn on the cob? More like corn in your face! Coboom!” - is what I wouldn’t have said because I’m not into that kind of thing.


Wow who knew it was against the law to use corn cob ammo in a potato gun?



It’s just a game we play. I shoot a few vegetables his general direction, he sends his cat over to do a number on my trash cans.


Granted, you could play it safer with a smaller caliber.
While in college, a few work buddies and I fashioned a grape gun when the workload was slow. Very effective, the ammo would clear at least 75 feet, and strike with a very satisfying splat against the abandoned business across the way.


Hmm, one could probably use such a device to deliver olives to @japhroaig
However, I do recommending getting drunk and not shooting in the general direction of @japhroaig or any other Jeremy or living thing with it.


It always ends in tears. And lawsuits. And let’s be honest, the excuse to buy a new tweed suit.


Hunter S Thompson was a remarkable man. That said, I don’t regret never having him for a neighbor.


My dad tells a story of when he was working on the Gates estate renovation. There was a welding team working on the car garage that built a spud gun. Powered with oxy-acetylene with an electric ignition. When it was completed, nobody had an appropriate projectile. So they used a 3 inch nut that had its hollow filled in with epoxy. They thought they shot it in a safe direction but that thing ended up totaling a neighbor’s car.


I love happy little stories like that. What could go wrong with such a stunt?


Slingshots and marshmallows. The smack sound they make when hitting bare skin is quite satisfying. And believe it or not, marshmallows sting like crazy when they hit their target!



When I was in high school, our industrial arts teacher gave us a demonstration of the power of oxy-acetylene.

First, he filled a balloon with pure oxygen, lit a splint and held it to the balloon. Pop.

Next, he filled a balloon with pure acetylene, lit a splint and held it up. Bang.

Then filled a balloon with oxy-actylene and said, “Stand well back, open all the windows and hold your hands in front of your ears.”

Long story short: a bunch of sixteen-year-old males learned you do not fuck with oxy-acetylene.