So the Alt-Right is coming to your campus


I get along great with Jugallos. They are not people I anticipate having problems with.

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Max, please list all the terrorist acts performed by Stalinists since Reagan or agree your position is false equivalence.



So their suggested solution is “ignore them, they’ll go away”?

Because that worked so well in 1932.



Gun rights are only for people on the right, silly! /s



Maybe do a celebration near by, like a couple hundred yards away. And turn your backs to the neo-nazi assholes. Everyone at the celebration, just turns their backs and ignores them, only close enough for the assholes to see. Optimally with some police presence or some physical obstacle between the assholes and the celebration. Or go to the speech by the alt-reich asshole and stand, with your back turned, quietly, solidly.

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You debate somebody to give an equal opportunity to both sides to have a reasoned and civil exchange of ideas, so that those listening can make an informed choice.

There aren’t two sides, here. There is no civil exchange to be had. (To paraphrase NK Jemisin), you don’t debate who gets to be people.

There is nothing productive to be gained by “debate” with people that spout the slogans and cloak themselves in the symbolism of an ideology that has murdered millions of people. People who align themselves with an agenda of extermination don’t deserve your respect or your coddling, and they cannot be permitted to stand and speak unchallenged, anywhere, anytime. You do not engage in civilized debate, or reasoned discourse, with Nazis. You do not engage in a civil exchange of ideas with Nazis. You do not agree to disagree with Nazis.

You gather superior numbers and you link arms and you stand against them and you shout “never again” in their faces until your throat is raw. You shame them and denounce them and expose them as cowards and racists and as agents of evil. As long as you need to and as long as you have to.

And, well, they either back down, and crawl back under their rocks, or they don’t. We didn’t keep them under their rocks 80 years ago. We tried ignoring them and hoping they would go away 80 years ago. Tens of millions died, and we had to shoot them all. So we know that works, at least for a while. We should probably try to stamp out the fucking cockroaches before it gets to that point this time, but we know for a fact that ignoring them and hoping they go away does not work.

You don’t debate who gets to be people.


#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")

Not easy to do when they’re throwing rocks and bottles at you.



Thus the spacing of a couple hundred yards and optimally some kind of physical barrier (or caltrops on the ground! that would be fun) to prevent them from getting too close. Plus a well thought-out exit plan. I’m not saying the counter-protests we have seen thus far are a bad thing. Just wondering if there is a better way to counter-protest without feeding the nazi trolls.

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You’ve made it quite clear by now which side you’re on.



He may have said that, but it’s also true that conservative radio hosts in the USA are very fond of making stuff up to suit their needs.

My understanding is that the removal was delayed, but the statue was not necessarily safe. A quick web search did not confirm this, however.

The statue was built in 1924, and was done by a private donor who also gave a lot of money to the University. War memorial or not, if the residents of Charlottesville want it removed they can do it, and a bunch of outsiders shouldn’t have a say. This part of Virginia is actually among the most liberal in the state, that’s one of the reasons the Nazis came – they were looking for a fight.



If the neo-nazi cowards took their march to the hood, they’d learn a lot about homeland security.

You’re going to equate the two groups (as YOU see it, two ‘groups’) at the protests to two street gangs who fight over what they have in common?

I don’t think there were two groups. I think that is fear based black and white false dichotomy thinking. I think that is fear, uncertainty, and doubt. I think that view is a panic response on the part of anyone needing to so oversimplify things.

I think there was an armed group, with a permit, spouting recycled hate that their grandparents would put them, as grown adult men, over their knees for - and there was anyone who showed up to oppose them.

The magic required to assume the opposition to the recycled hate existed prior to the organization of the event, and thus more or less created a vacuum in which the recycled hate event is inevitable… I mean… that’s the borderline of where you’re at with these false equivalences. It’s only a few more lazy rounding errors towards people you can identify with and against people you don’t understand before you’ve fully victim blamed.

I know BLM protesters. Not one of them fits the caricature you paint here of them daily. That you argue you’re not partisan, the air is gone from that.

If you want to know what the problem is, it’s a willful refusal to listen. You’re part of the problem. I wish you peace and luck in finding your way to a more evenhanded view of your fellow man. ALL OF THEM.



I know this isn’t the first “march” organized by this organizer in this town.

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I thought the right didn’t like cooking pigs…

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Come now, we didn’t have the ichthyosis baby pavilion last semester, if you’re still by my way. I haven’t seen that one since…spring or fall last year?

Yeah, at my uni chalking the sidewalks had to be banned after approximately forever because some ahem divisive ahem messages were showing up. That was right around when stickers of this dude started getting slapped in random places.

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Seems like it pops up at least once a year. The bible thumpers show up at least 2 times a year…

Holy fuck! Assholes.

We have been getting some white supremacists on campus, a very small group of students, who think they are oh so clever to enroll at a major public university that has one of the most diverse campuses in the entire US and to try and stir shit up. Needless to say, they aren’t getting anywhere so far, at least that’s how it seems.




Yeah, seems a few people started bringing sharpies to blank them out, I know I saw one guy (acquaintance of a friend) scratching the stickers out with his pocket knife. They’ve all been pretty well defaced.



Yeah, these sorts of things don’t last long around GSU either. Pretty much they go up and are almost immediately torn down or replaced/covered over with anti-fascist and anti-racist stuff.

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