"Social experiment" YouTuber caught faking racist video


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/10/19/social-experiment-youtuber.html


I guess you could say:


You couldn’t dress those Salads.


Lettuce say no more.


His salad days are over.


It looks like we’re going to ahead endive right into the salad puns.


Don’t start tossing those around.


Nah, I’ll leaf well enough alone.


I wonder why the shadows from the sun don’t move after 30 minutes. That’s weird.


You’d think, after the first video, they’d ask him to Caesar desist.

In future, I think they’ll have to be garden Salads more closely.


Let me guess.

He’s going to vote for Hillary three times then claim vote fraud if he isn’t caught?


What an asshole.


I’d say he’s vinaigrette this travesty in the future, but I think he’s too waldorf from reality.


That one was almost too much for me. But olive.


Great example of why all “Social Experiment” are a joke. Even the feel good ones are setups.


Are we doing this? Making amusing puns about the guy’s name, rather than positing elaborate theories about how the staging and the apology itself were just another “social experiment”? (Where’s the control group? We have to find the control group!)

…Oh, fine, let’s do this.


[quote]Basically, what happened is now someone recorded the behind the scenes filming of it, you know, “exposing” the video. Basically that this was the main intention of the video originally, this was the original video I set out to do. I set it out to film this scene purposely. I wanted to set this scene up. And the purpose of the original video was to get people’s reactions to that scene; will they join in, will they call the cops…, will they try to stop them, and… that video actually turned out to be a success. Because as they were doing the script - that was the script… that’s… that’s the setup they were trying to do to convince the surrounding people, or the people in the structures (in the apartment complexes) what was going on. And as that was happening people where yelling out the window “F Trump!” cheering them on to bash it up, people stopped they started recording with their phones to bash it up. And… that, that video was a success. That purpose was a success. And that’s what I originally set out to do. And I succeeding in doing that. But as I was editing the video I was like, “I could easily make this go a total different direction” and I basically re-eddited it to make it look like something else happened that didn’t. And I apologize for that, I will never do something like that again I thought I coulda got away with it and I didn’t.

And… uh… that’s basically the truth. So at the end of the day… the video did kind of… has… the video does have some truth to it the way that you look at it, and I just wanted to confess to you guys about it and let you know what is going on before you hear about it from someone else.[/quote]Quite the word salad before tossing it with self promotion that “can’t be faked.”




Hmm, what’s the difference between fake “social experiment” videos and racist propaganda? Oh, I guess there isn’t any.



Was he dressing everybody up just to get money from appetizers?