Someone hung a noose inside National Museum of African American History and Culture

Any halfway competent vandal can evade identification via security video with a baseball cap or a hoodie. Let us hope this one was the “incompetent” kind of racist vandal.


Racists think it’s all one big joke. Just for laughs. No big deal.


If some jackass hung a noose in a public space, and some anonymous janitor promptly removed it without comment, would it have ever existed, at all?


Sounds like a great opportunity for all the “good guys with guns” in counter protest.

I’m not even being sarcastic here.

If all the gun lovers want to claim that they need militias and shit, then they ought to show up when you have anti-american fascists threatening the general public.


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Until we hear otherwise, it is not appropriate to discuss this as a possible false-flag or hoax operation unless proven otherwise - doing so, IMO, constitutes “victim blaming” in the broad sense.

You are welcome to discuss the topic of hoaxes in another thread if you honestly believe the discussion relevant, but I wager you will find few interested in considering the relative irrelevance of that topic given the current apparent racial climate in the US.

Thank you.


Reposting because the gif is just too good not to… and all those lame attempts at deflection and denial of the validity of this topic were some straight up bullshit:


Ah I see.

So, saying anything feeds the trolls.

What do you suppose saying nothing is?

I’d posit that it’s important to highlight the unacceptable, and socially punish those who think that they can get away with it.

Also, did you not read @orenwolf literally two posts up from you? You’re victim blaming here.


That’s the really ugly part. It’s only out of place here because the curator didn’t install it.


The notion that we’ve “come far” only seems to be one held seriously by people who don’t fully understand the extent of the exploitation and oppression of minorities in the US in general, but especially African Americans. Whenever I hear someone complain about affirmative action or political correctness or whine that it’s all fixed now and people are just milking it or “playing the race card” I just want to stand on a table and scream.

265 years of slavery.
100 years of segregation and apartheid.

The civil rights act was passed only 53 years ago, there are people alive today who spent almost half their lives in a country where white people had the legally protected privilege to tell them where they can live, what they can do, who they can marry, what bathroom they can use, the fucking drinking fountains they can use.

The passage of the civil rights act wasn’t the end of fixing the problem, it was the beginning. You can’t undo 365 years of institutional racism and slavery in 53 years, and our present political climate is proof fucking positive that a significant portion of the electorate is just as racist now as they would have been 100 years ago, and all it took was the passive approval of an ignorant hate-spewing oompa loompa to rekindle their passion for being awful human beings and empower them to start acting on it.

Things have certainly improved, but we’re not even over the hump yet. We are still climbing, and probably will be for the rest of all of our lives.


This kind of thing has never stopped happening, people are just more brazen now.

My question is: why was my Google news feed full of coverage of Kathy Griffin holding up a crappy blood-covered mask, when this doesn’t show up in my news feed at all? Where are those Fox News commentators talking about how serious and grave this actually credible threat is? Why was there no mention that Trump’s supporters have been hanging, burning, shooting, and god knows what else likenesses of Obama since before he was even elected?

How many fucking times did we see that and those people said nothing, but the thing that makes them speak up is a ~110 pound 56 year old woman holding up a shitty rubber mask covered in fake blood? I get that it was tasteless, but that’s all it was. It wasn’t a threat, there’s no credibility to it, but I spent eight years fully expecting to see at least one attempt made against Obama. It is incorrect to do so, but if you want to divide the country into two groups as so many people do, one of those groups is known for acts of domestic terrorism and and one of those groups isn’t, and the group that is known for domestic terrorism is not the group that Kathy Griffin is in.


This kind of racist shit doesn’t change when we ignore it. It changes when we deem it unacceptable in polite society. It’s not a fun joke, even if that was the intent, it’s a call for violence and silencing.


Not to detract from the horribleness of it all but just to get the record straight:

Where was it reported to be “hanging”?

every news article i have read has either made no mention or has stated “FOUND ON THE FLOOR” which is the exact opposite of hanging.

again…just wanting to be clear. I get that the natural assumption is it was found hanging but if you are going to report then you cant really make assumptions.

Okay. Enough of the “prankster” narrative.


If you woke up this morning to find a noose hung on your front door or laid on your front stoop would you call it a “prank”?


I’m sure this must be a prank too:

Or perhaps LeBron James did it to himself?



Why isn’t Lebron LAUGHING!!! It’s a joke, b-ball man! Can’t you take a joke!? /s


One of the frequently ignored/downplayed “features” of the conservative revolution of the last 40 years is that it is okay to be openly racist again.


Right. It’s the liberals who are intolerant, you see, going around freezing the peaches of the real Muricans.