Something is coming in the mail


Whatever this is, no matter what it is, I like it intensely. Any childhood desire realized as an adult is the best.


I couldn’t even tell there was a stock…


Yes. The prop is based on old British Machine guns. the Sterling. Remember much of Star Wars was filmed there and nearly all the original weapons were base on real British and German guns (which the UK prop houses had a ton of). So the one I have is a Japanese non-firing but very accurate metal replica where the bolt, trigger, stock, etc work. But yes, the Sterling/Blaster has a folding stock.

Made by MGC - Model Gun Corporation - Lucasfilm DID use this exact model to make some prop guns for Return of the Jedi. I really need to replace the fins with accurate t-track, and mine will be very close to a screen accurate ANH item. The scope is technically not a real tank scope, but it is a metal replica. For the price I paid, and the price making it more accurate, I am pretty happy at where it is at.

Now that you know that bit in the front is the stock, it makes the Clone Trooper Rifle 50 shades of derp, where they literally mashed together rifle parts into a nonsensical mess. Note the hinge looking part in the middle of the rifle that follows to the top into - nothing? And the cylindrical thing at the bottom sort of looking like a sight on the wrong side, but is also like exactly where you would want to put a hand and you have this weird thing in the way. It is just one detail where the original prop makers with real bits and bobs with working prop (they fired blanks, watch the opening scene in ANH, see the smoke?) just made a much more believable world than something all CGI.


Very cool and thank you for the educational bits as well.

Speaking of side folding stocks, personally I don’t like the aesthetics even though I understand the practical value. The new uzi pro for example



Just ugly



One hour. I would be gone ONE HOUR today, early in the morning. Surely the package I am eagerly awaiting and need to sign for won’t come then.

FedEx Note on door - we will come back… TUESDAY



It’s here. I don’t have time to post pics before work. Initial impression is that I am 95% happy.


ETA - 2 of the “why did they do it like this?” issues turns out to be that is screen accurate. So like 98-99% happy at this point…

Since I didn’t spell it out - THIS is what I got. I preordered it about a year ago and got, in my opinion, a great deal.

I should have gotten 2, put them both together, sold one, and made money on them.


That. Is. Sooooo cool!
I need pictures here.


It’s a kit, so it needs lots of work. The helmet comes complete though. I will try to get some up tonight. I don’t remember what my flickr login is though…


What’s in the box?


Hmmm this was on top. A two sided poster.


Here is nearly all the kit in two angles. I didn’t put the kidney plate and butt armor in it. Not enough room. But there is all the pieces, other than a bag of straps, snaps, velcro, and strips of plastic to put it together.

The soft goods, gloves and arming suit are coming in another shipment.

All I need now is a pair of boots.


Looks like you are in for big fun


Finally, close ups of the helmet. Also on all of the images I ran i through a blue tint filter, as it all came out yellow on my phone.

The eye holes need a bit better trimming, but hey,not bad for China. I can fix it.


Very cool. I personally am partial to the Scout Trooper kit and helmet, but that’s because “I can’t see a thing in this helmet” in a stock Storm Trooper helmet, and the scout trooper helmet’s eyepiece is basically ski goggles, but they’re all awesome.


My friend is a Scout trooper fanatic. He liked my idea of just collecting one character, so he collects Scout Troopers.


5’8"to 6’ something?

I see Stormtroopers still discriminate against shorter people.


I’m sure you’re joking. But the armor plates only come in ones size. So too tall and you have gaps that look weird. Too small, and you have overlaps that look weird.

On the plus side, Jedis can come in all shapes and sizes.


Turns out that Mark Hamill, at 5’9", is a perfectly reasonable height for a Stormtrooper.

Mark Hamill, according to Googling, is 5’9", while Temuera Morrison (aka Jango Fett, the template for clone troopers) is 5’7"