Son of "All My Children" star charged in Capitol Riot

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Cue dramatic organ music.

Seriously, I hope this fascist twerp is permanently barred from serving in the U.S. military. His participation in this anti-Constitutional act alone should preclude him from receiving a commission as an officer.


ooof. they got this kid indoctrinated early.


One thing about MAGA that is very disheartening (out of the many things), is the amount of young people who’ve fallen under it’s spell. Not necessarily surprising but there was a time (before the internet made public people’s horrible views, no matter their age) when I hoped terrible people were aging out of existence. Sadly I was being naive and it is not so.


Hardly, it’s par for the course. And I’m sure that somebody says the same thing about people raising their kids to treat all people equally, regardless of where they were born.


One thing to remember is that the FBI are charging with these (relatively) minor crimes now, as they’re immediately proveable, but they are likely going to be spinning up more severe charges which can be punished even more severely as the perpetrators have already been taken.


I hope that’s the case. I’m still waiting to hear about someone being charged with “conspiracy to commit sedition” or similar (I made up that crime name, but you get the idea). It seems like it should be easy because every second of the whole goddam thing is on video from 200 different angles (it’s so handy when idiots film themselves in an insurrection) but IANAL.


Elias Irizarry (19) is the son of Vincent Irizarry, who played Dr. David Hayward on the long-running program, All My Children . He also starred in Days of Our Lives and The Young and The Restless

Gonna have to change those to Fuck…That’s My Kid, Days of Our Riots, and The Young and the Stupid.


Have we accumulated enough incidences of touchy social events wherein a member of a self identified category proves guilty of offense against that same category? Here it would be outspoken members of the police or military pounding on members of the police or military. As in “This’s just a case of self attack syndrome, or SAS” (“You’ve clearly been studying too much Haskell, mate”)

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I also hope that he is expelled. But considering the high regard the Citadel gives to those cadets that went directly from their classrooms to fight against the United States during the Civil war, I wouldn’t count on it.


What a bummer thing to be into at 19, I suppose he has a “ support group “ of other young republican knuckleheads but still, try playing the guitar kid! Or maybe Skateboarding, dungeons and dragons??

I miss staying out of the day-to-day politics, the way they (all media, tv online etc) ramp people up is oppressive to the mind, as seen here. Nothing new I suppose for the well off :man_facepalming:

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Can we call soap drones actors and not “stars”? There’s enough unnecessary “celebrity” in the world.

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The trial will take weeks. The defendant will be struck in the head and have amnesia, and the prosecutor will start a torrid affair with the judge. That’s week one.


According to a colleague there, he’s already been expelled. Same day he was arrested. “Conduct unbecoming a cadet.”


Somehow I think that he’ll weather any convictions easier than the life-changing experience of a minor drug offense for a less privileged person.

Get ready for all the rape culture style defenses of him being such an “upstanding young man with a promising future”.


Conservatives generally suffer from a failure of imagination.


So, so close.

"a very polite and very fine young man.”


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And we are hearing about this particular person why, exactly? Oh yes - because he is related to a semi-famous person. Checks out.


I suspect the majority of children sent to “military academies” have behavioral issues severe enough to make them at high risk of abusing family members or ending up before the juvenile courts. His parents may have been dismayed at his involvement and subsequent arrest for participating in the Capitol insurrection, but I doubt they were that surprised.

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