Sony's Kraven is no longer a villain or hunter

Now that the multiverse is A Thing, I’m looking forward to the Squadron Supreme movie(s).

Ok, mainly to see what they do with The Whizzer.

So I’m 12. Shut up.

Venomlander 2?

Why not try Dedo de la Muerto? The only drawback is that you actually have to pull his dedo.


I would watch Highlander 2: What the Fuck is This right now.

That is a classic of puzzlingly bad, have to see at least once cinema.

Venom 2?

If you offered to pay me to watch it again, I probably wouldn’t. I mean if the asking price was high enough I could probably nap through it. But otherwise I’m making some weak excuses about being busy…something…hey over there…had plans with that guy you know?

I get the feeling that this is setting us up in the wrong direction: we are being taught to cheer the selfish, the vain, the real villains. It’s as if Hollywood execs are pushing these sorts of tales with a purpose behind them. As if they are trying to convince us that the evil, soulless creatures actually have hearts of gold. That we shouldn’t get out the guillotines for them.

Screw that. Kraven existed because he is supposed to be an example of the selfish, the greedy, the vainglorious asshole who doesn’t really give a shit about the suffering he causes, unless it hurts his image. Redeeming him is like redeeming Donald Trump.




All I can say is: don’t release the Kraven!

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