Star of racist deli rant identified as Trump-donating NYC lawyer Aaron Schlossberg


You’d think someone who lives in New York City would be aware of the existence of Puerto Ricans, who for generations made up the single largest Spanish speaking group in the city, and who ICE has no jurisdiction over.

Maybe he should go to Chinatown and order some food, and then complain about the cook not speaking English.


That’s an increasingly irrelevant distinction.


Album title.


Hmm… Seems more like a debut single from a band called Crowdfund Mariachi from their self-titled debut album.

@GilbertWham: Dang, you beat me to it.





Doxxing is the release of private contact information and personal details. Was his home address made public? His personal mobile number? His private email address? No? Not doxxing.

Public shaming of shameful public behaviour isn’t doxxing. This asshat chose to prove himself to be a racist asshole in public. He was publicly outed as a racist asshole. His business, which serves the public and has a publicly available feedback page, has been tagged with warnings to his potential clients that he’s a racist asshole, because that’s what he is.

And that’s fine, because the public’s right to know that the lawyer they’re considering is a racist supersedes a racist’s right to keep his racism a secret after willingly choosing to air it in public.

He wasn’t doxxed. He’s simply facing the consequences of members of his society choosing not to associate with him any longer, because he decided to tell his society that his behaviour and attitudes were harmful to that society.

He has the right to do what he did. Everyone around has the right to know about it, and to shun him If they choose.


Oh look…this isn’t new behavior. Shocking!


Something interesting about his law firm’s website, up until yesterday, it featured a female practice partner.

A female practice partner who is an immigrant, who first travelled from her native Australia to the USA as a fashion model before getting her green card and studying law.

But of course she’s one of the good ones because she’s white and pretty and speaks english.

I wonder if, like the First Lady whose path hers has closely mirrored, she got an “Einstein visa”? /s


By saying “aren’t most white people racist”, aren’t you making a racist statement yourself, based on precious little evidence? For starters, recent work on skeletal remains dating back between 30-100,000 years shows that there is little to no genetic difference in the various ‘races’ world-wide, but there are ethnic differences, one investigation has shown that remains found in a cave system in Somerset, England, dating back roughly 30,000 years, had very dark skin, what would be classed as black now, but he had blue eyes.
Also, pretty much every ethnic group displays this sort of behaviour towards other ethnic groups; people from the Indian sub-continent are frequently hostile towards family members having relationships with people from other ethnic groups, and I know of this attitude affecting an acquaintance of mine, she was disowned by her family for wishing to marry a white guy. Look up the term ‘honour-killings’ sometime, see how extreme this attitude can go.


yeah - he (and everyone) should be defied and called out and shamed. its war in a sense. white people feel non-whites are getting in their space to an unheard of degree and they don’t like it. NY has plenty upon plenty of this sort of stuff. even the ones who are super liberal might have “feelings” when a non-white family moves next door. then things get really real. welcome to the new world, god save you - it it is right that she should do so.



it is true - I only have 40+ years of evidence gathered with my own eyes, but there’s sample bias and a limited sample set. but to be honest I don’t care anymore. I’ve lived my whole life having to prove myself. after recent political and cultural shifts, now I am not giving any more benefit of the doubt. now I assume the negative unless proven wrong. And more than anything else…I’m just a limited being living in a changing but limited span of time…and I don’t care if “hey its getting better” - what I care about now is not being asked “where do you come from…originally…” and if and when I’m asked the next time, that person is not going to have a pleasant experience.


I think my fav part of this story so far as that some of the first people to rat him out were his Hopkins colleagues.

From how I understand it, the entire range of human genetic difference can be found within a given community- I am just as likely to be genetically similar to some random person in Africa as I am genetically different from my partner or my neighbor.

ETA: Eugenics suffered from a concentration problem: The belief that a dramatic difference in appearance must be based on a significant difference in genetic make-up. The people who still believe this shit are the same who insist that carbon dioxide can’t really influence climate because it’s such a small percentage of the total chemical make-up of the atmosphere.


Plus the belief that appearance without mirrors the character within. (With all kind of biased views of appearance.)


Is that a picture of a dog taking a frisbee to the neck? And how does it become representational of the location? (By Google user votes?)


A user can “Add a Photo” to the listing and make “suggestions”. Supposedly emails are sent to the owner when edits are made.

Somewhat relevant:


Bill and Hillary Clinton’s “crack baby”, “3 strikes” and “super predator” racist nonsense is all forgotten now.   No sepulcher could be more whitened.


This is the natural outcome of right-wing commentators on TV and radio pumping out hate and mistrust of “illegals”-- there was a guy that used to work near my building who had a video he made of himself confronting some guys fixing the roof of an IHOP, he was convinced they were all immigrants and filmed them while he was yelling and threatening them (he seems to have removed it from youtube.) It’s not like hearing Spanish is some new thing in the USA, how many Americans would even think twice about it if not for the conservative paranoia machine?


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“No man is an island entire of itself; every man
is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;
if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe
is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as
well as any manner of thy friends or of thine
own were; any man’s death diminishes me,
because I am involved in mankind.
And therefore never send to know for whom
the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”
~ John Donne

“That which can be destroyed by the truth, should be.”
~ P. C. Hodgell

I don’t always completely agree with @Wanderfound, and I’m sure the feeling is mutual. But he’s a friend, an ally and a valued member of this community with integrity and a fighting spirit. He’s no troll.