Star of racist deli rant identified as Trump-donating NYC lawyer Aaron Schlossberg


That would be okay.


This is silly and xenophobic. If anything, we should be more interested in the perspectives of people who aren’t citizens, since the matter at hand is an asshole who harasses people he thinks aren’t US citizens.

Listen to yourself, this is straight nationalist chauvinism. I mean, if you’re trying to say “You’re not from around here, you may misunderstand certain local culture” then fair enough. But culture is a lot deeper and more muddy than nationality.

I live in the US but I’m not from New York. Does it follow that it’s inappropriate for me to make a judgement about New York? After all, the culture is much different where I live and I don’t fully understand New York norms. Is it inappropriate for someone from the Bronx to make a judgement about a scene that went down in Manhattan?

Why draw this line around nationality and say “those who are in have valuable opinions, those who are out are irrelevant”? The problems of the US are everyone’s problems. So everyone’s opinions are potentially useful, they just need to be entertained with consideration for their perspective.


The left remembers.



White Australia, except they stole it from brown people.


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