Startling video shows Nebraska anti-masker purposefully coughing on grocery store shoppers and calling them "sheep"

He’s just looking at it!


It’s always possible in those situations. Unless I’m in imminent danger or there is threat of physical harm to who ever I’m with (wife, daughter, etc…) and they can’t get away, I’m out the door. I will defend myself enough to exit the situation or allow the person I’m defending to exit the situation.

I’m 57 and the only time I hit someone was when they physically threatened my wife. I plan on making it to the end without punching someone in the face out of anger.

Besides, much like Daffy Duck… I’m not like other people, pain hurts me.


No, it’s not always possible. You just listed some yourself. :woman_shrugging:


Here’s a bit of insane social archeology about that particular bible verse. See this bit?

He will set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.

I had a sunday school teacher see that i was learning to write cursive with my left hand! (because i’m left handed, y’see) and they mouthed quite audibly that little bible snippet. Always wondered if i was thus marked as the spawn of the debbil(!) (“well, yer at least highly gauche and sinister”)


Oh, weird, I never connected that passage to how they used to force kids to “switch” if they were naturally left handed. It was still going on up here at least into the 1980s. Weirdos.


I know, but in situations like this moron it is possible to walk away. I could have put plenty of distance between me and her in a few seconds.

My point was, punching this lady in the face, even if you could prove in court you were defending yourself from harm, is not worth it.

I wouldn’t have pulled out the camera because I would have left the situation. The woman kept going because she had an audience. I won’t give these nut jobs that audience either.

I’m just not a violent person when there are easy alternatives.

I could understand hitting this woman for what she was doing but I don’t want to take a chance that the legal system would agree.

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Sure, but that doesn’t mean that people should be blamed for defending themselves.


What’s your stance on poking her with a pointy stick? That’s where I’m leaning.
ETA: @Mindysan33 - jinx! Same exact quote.


If I were on the jury it’s a no brainer, not guilty, and I wouldn’t blame someone if they got physical with that woman.

It’s just not the way I would handle it.

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Okay. That’s great. Not everyone is going to make that choice.

These people are putting others in danger purposefully. At some point, they need to understand that they are not the ones who get to control public spaces. This is assault with deadly intent, given that there is a pandemic going on that is killing people.


lefty fist bump.


At some point, this plague rat is going to cross the wrong person and catch some hands.


It would’ve been immensely satisfying to spit a huge loogie into her open mouth just as she was coughing in my face.


Although it would satisfy my urges to punch her in the face, I don’t think I’d want her to cough blood on me after I did that.


Yeah, it’s been like that on that site for a while. Oddly, the statewide number (currently 35.8 per 100K as the 7-day moving average) is very consistent with it’s neighbors. My read on it is that 5 counties are reporting and the rest don’t bother while the state is reporting their overall number.


But the thing is, we ARE in control! We have produced a vaccine in record time, we have measures in place to make everyone as safe as possible. Only they are the ones undermining it all.


A firmly pushed shopping cart full of canned goods would also get the message across.


And then drop all the stuff they bought via coughing on on top of her. Then presenting her with the bill for it, along with a perma-ban from the store, and charges of product tampering.


I wonder how many mops and brooms they had in that store. Three or four people with determination and non-pointy polearms could probably have shoved her right out of the store.


Now that would be rewarding to see. And maybe a few extras pelting her head with boxes of allergy medicines and bottles of cough syrups to help with her “allergies.”