Startling video shows Nebraska anti-masker purposefully coughing on grocery store shoppers and calling them "sheep"

Or since you’re in the produce department, grab a pack of grapes and start whipping 'em at her. 50 points if you hit her in the head,100 points for an open mouth shot. 10,000 points if you get her to leave the store.


But we aren’t in control, precisely because of people like this. If we were in control, we wouldn’t have new strains forming, we wouldn’t have COVID protests going on in the streets, we wouldn’t have store employees and flight attendants being harassed by anti-maskers, and we wouldn’t have ICUs filled to overflowing with dying antivaxxers.


Way back near the start of the pandemic, we took a series of pictures where I demonstrated proper social distancing. Unfortunately my nesting partner still won’t let me carry my “pointed stick” to the grocery store, probably because I’d use it to enforce said social distancing.


Where is the mythical “good guy with a gun” when you really need him?


Right. Leave it to other women to disabuse her of her assault. We don’t need guys involved it that process.


Weird how all these anti-maskers/anti-vaxxers/covid deniers all claim everyone else is a sheep, but they all seem to act the same and repeat the same refrain…almost like sheep.


I have no idea what that means.

I should step in or I should walk away if a woman (or anyone) is being assaulted?

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Don’t worry, we’ll protect you. We got this.


So by me saying I would walk away from that moron you figure I need protection?

When did it become bad to walk away from a situation instead of returning the violence?

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Okay. You don’t need protection.


Just trying to understand what the right thing to do is.

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Be an ally. Call out assholes being assholes. If you see someone being harassed, bear witness at the very least.
I get not wanting to resort to violence, but recognize that the ability to “just walk away,” 1) is a privilege not available to all, 2) let’s assholes like this lady take over public space through harassment and intimidation, and 3) leaves that asshole for someone else to deal with.


If you pull a fake gun on a policeman, you will probably get killed. This gal’s coughs may be the Covid equivalent of a fake gun. Too bad nobody shot her.


My arms aren’t long enough, still leaning towards the pointy stick approach :wink:


I’ve actually done that. People think you’re weird but when they figure out what you’re shouting about, they usually are onboard.

People talk about how “mob rule is terrible” etc, but forming mobs to throw people like this out of businesses and onto the street seems perfectly fine to me.


In a courtroom, it’s almost certainly justifiable self-defense. Well, in a blue state.


Me, too! Only had to once, fortunately, but the response was equally heartening. Despite what we might start to think based on what makes the news, the world is chock full of really decent people.


Pedantic question: is it? If she truly doesn’t believe that COVID is real, or that it kills, it’s just assault, right?

Or a Jelly Baby, without asking if she wants one.

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If a person robs a bank with an unloaded gun that they know is empty, it’s still assault with a deadly weapon and they still get the gun spec. A cop is still likely to shoot them, and they won’t even be questioned about it.

She knew that the people who she was coughing on would consider it to be an assault. She wouldn’t have done it otherwise. The threat was there, regardless of how empty it turned out to be, or if she thought it was a hoax.

There’s a big difference between coughing in public (can’t be helped), and intentionally coughing on other people. She intentionally weaponized her cough.