Startling video shows Nebraska anti-masker purposefully coughing on grocery store shoppers and calling them "sheep"



Queue her whinging on Fuckbook about being “cancelled” in 3…2…


She may also be infectious. So the equivalent of a real gun. And actively firing at people.


It suddenly occurred to me that there’s an effective and non-violent way to get this Karen to back off: Setting off a hidden whoopee cushion or fart machine. It’s implied biological warfare of a different sort. Plus it’s good for a giggle.


Here’s the woman’s description of the whole incident. Way worse than what we can see in the video:

Livid. Just livid.
But sure, “walking away” and “not giving them attention” solves everything. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I mean… why didn’t she just walk away? I hear that’s the best way to handle these attention seekers… /s


So a woman with her child should have done what?

If that idiot was infected and was attempting to infect someone, shouldn’t they try and avoid being infected?

Why are you faulting people who would choose to stay safe by putting distance between themselves and their child and a person trying to infect them?


Did you not see the sarcasm tag? Or read my other comments in this thread, pointing out that very thing when other posters proclaimed that they would have just walked away?



No one is saying that the kid should hit someone. No one is saying that the parent should either.

They tried to walk away and this assaulter followed them.

I’m saying that if you do that to me - don’t be shocked if I defend myself. Forcefully.


Okay, literally no one here is doing that. The point is, the woman and her kid who were accosted did walk away, they did try to stay out of harm’s way, and this shithead followed them all around the store and up to the register.

But some of you’re comments above…

Make it sound like you 1) think somehow the woman filming caused this situation to escalate through her documentation of it, and 2) think that people reacting to such a blatant and rude attack by standing up for themselves and stepping up to protect the public sphere against jerks like this are somehow “less than,” in some way because they meet aggression with aggression in service of self defense.

This woman and her daughter literally got chased out of the store by a Typhoid Mary wannabe. Fuck that shit. If I’d have been there, I would’ve helped them. You’ve made it clear what you would’ve done. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I mean, I’m still partial to the pointy stick approach, personally (I think I just like the way it sounds, and that I’ll be able to bring the technique into my elder years when punches aren’t as practical) but I wouldn’t stand in your way…


Season 9 Phoebe GIF by Friends


If you’re feeling witchy you can even swat them with a broomstick :slight_smile:


Sorry if that’s what you got out of my comments.

I never blamed the victim, I said what I would do, period.

I’m also trying to say if she was typhoid mary all the more reason to put distance between me, my family and her. It is not worth getting infected or arrested, however justified, for idiots like her. I made it clear what I would have done if I was the one being coughed on, from that you appear to have concluded that I wouldn’t help a stranger, that’s an incorrect conclusion.

Please don’t twist anything I said to mean I’m blaming the victim. And please don’t make it seem like my decision is the wrong thing to do. If that’s not what you’re saying than my apology for misunderstanding.

I’m out now.


Toss her ass onto the street. Group effort.


Though arrest and confinement seems to be the only thing that stopped Typhoid Mary…


I think they’re talking about getting arrested by responding to people like this.
But my main beef with some of the positions taken here by the person you’re responding to and others of the ilk is the annoying individualism “I’ll take care of mine and get out of there” attitude. We are all in this together and, like in extreme group adventure sports, the strong become the servants. Those who can carry the heavy packs just do. If those of us who are able don’t step up in the face of this kind of tyranny, we all fail.


Your assumption is way off base.

And ilk, is that necessary?

I said if I was the person being coughed on I would put distance between myself and typhoid Mary. I’m actually more useful to my family if I’m healthy.

Why do you assume I would not come to the aid of someone being assaulted?

Those are two very different situations.

And I’m sorry if violence as a last resort is offensive.

What would you have done in that situation to stop the tyranny?

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Because you posted this: