Stay Home On Inauguration Day

So here’s a thought and any help to spread the word is appreciated: If you object to Bannon’s presence in the White House and Muslim registration, stay home on January 20th, Inauguration Day. Call in sick if you have to. Why not give yourself a 3-day weekend?

The purpose of this stay-away is to apply the threat of economic pressure to a Trump presidency’s potentially racist policies. I say potentially because we’re going to put a stop to it.

But to do this, I need your help. I’m calling on you to ask your friends, your family, anyone who is sympathetic: stay home on the 20th. I’m not asking for much. I’m just asking that you do nothing. If you want, you can join the street protests: There will be singing. Demand nothing less than the firing of Bannon and a public declaration that Muslim registration is NOT acceptable from the lips of DJT himself. If he refuses, then we can keep doing it until he and the Republican controlled congress gets the message. But for now, this is an easy first step.

Thoughts? Contributions? This fails here and now if it stays here and now.


Need convincing? Okay.

  • It has specific demands with specific goals.
  • It’s nonviolent.
  • It’s not about direct effect. It’s about leverage. We all know who controls DC and Trump’s election doesn’t change that. If Trump’s election threatens economic disruptions, economic interests will attempt to stop him through their lobbying efforts because…
  • it’s an easy win. Calling for non-discrimination and basic civil rights and basically not being Nazis is to call for something with a lot of force behind it. It’s easy not to be a shit. It’s even easier if we make being a bigot hard.
  • It’s easy. There are few barriers to this kind of protest. People can do it easily. Which means a higher probability of mass action. If it gains momentum, people will call in even if they would otherwise fear a firing or disciplinary action, because…
  • They can’t fire 25% of the country.




I Like #FreeDayWeekend because of the Free America stuff I’ve been riffing on in another thread but that could easily be misunderstood as support.
Or #CallingInSickOfHate is cute but too long. #SickOfHate might do it, maybe.

ETA: FWIW, I’m a fan of one-day walkouts as protest and industrial action. Or I would be, if I worked. :blush:


I like them because you avoid the S-word, which makes Americans nervous.


Requested it off.


LOL. I wrote that, then thought… Nah.

But I love your idea. Staying in bed, rugged up with Netflix and soup as a protest is something that’s easy to get behind. Like a Mental Health Day (Duvet Day? Whatever you call them.) for the nation.


I’m not going to work that day, but I might not be staying at home either.

Depending on how it shakes out, I might be marching on Washington DC, as part of a protest for women’s reproductive rights.


Yeah, this is my scheduling problem as well. I live close enough to DC that I’m planning to take part in any number of the protests happening that day.


This is why you need unions.

Finally, some traction:


Rallies being organized in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane on 21st Jan. too.


I know better, but I like to think my telling essentially every single goddamn person I could, inspired the article somehow.

A newspaper article goes a long way to helping me recruit more people. Time to hit the photocopiers.


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