Highway to Hell: Trump PAC CEO praises Muslim registry, internment camps


I am pretty sure lah is “god,” and allah is “THE god.”

It’s not any more specific than that.

If you are a monotheist, by definition you have to pray to the theos.


I plan to think about it for a day or so. I have not been back to Germany since the recent unpleasantness started. I would suggest caution with kippah, but obviously locals would know what areas are safe, and at what time. My best friend is there, and has encountered few problems, but it could get worse before it gets better.

Ahura Mazda is not Allah. Although very likely an early prototype for the Abrahamic god.


I find it amazing that you can say this in regards to Germany… and yet not recognize that the same applies for here in the states, where, yes, I have been assaulted for wearing my yamulke.


I’ll just leave this here.


Sometimes they do it by claiming to oppose evil while repeatedly defending it or dismissing attacks on it. Sometimes they do it by their choice of avatar.


And if they come for your Muslim neighbors with armed forces, be willing to be an armed force to resist.

Sadly, it would take a mass uprising to resist the current over militarized police forces, and the masses are the ones who elected the great cheeto con-man…


It seems strange to me to argue the specifics of which criteria Trump needs to satisfy in order to start freaking out.

The scariest thing that Trump and Hitler have in common, from what I have seen, is not their character but the people that support them. The most important thing you need to be a successful fascist, or any kind of leader really, is not a particular kind of character but people who support you, or just don’t express disapproval.

That is why we are expressing our disapproval, and fear, and talking about how bad this could be—we are not trying to predict the future; we are trying to prevent it.


About a quarter of them. Mostly middle to upper class, too; it wasn’t a ravening horde of redneck plebs.


The smart money always goes for the win/win bets.

Betcha there’s plenty of money to be made right now in shorting anything reliant on global peace and stability.


“We’ve done it with Iran back awhile ago."

When did we do it with Iran?

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Just like Germany, most areas do not have such problems. I know nothing of Rochester. I am sorry to hear that you are having to deal with that.

What is wrong with my avatar now?

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What is wrong with my avatar now?[/quote]
As far as I am aware, there is nothing wrong with your avatar now.


Zoroastrians aren’t monotheists, they’re monolatrous dualists.


all those things you so casually dismiss – boycotts, critical mass, twitter activism, street protests – are exactly what’s needed for “real” action to work.

to use your example, if trucks from ice show up to start shipping your neighbors to detention: whom exactly are you going to call? the police!?

people are not going to spontaneously self-organize. they are going to call upon the trusted networks they built during smaller actions.

we all hope that – when things are so stark – we can be trusted to do the right thing. but, that belies the mechanics of how the world works: you have to hear about what’s happening in your town, you have to know where to go, you have to learn how to act within crowds so you’re not a danger to yourself or others, know how to deal with pepper spray, and maybe it can’t hurt to know what a mic check is.

it’s not only unlikely that some group of great leaders ( as opposed to the people you call clowns ) are going to show up and save the day – leading the perfect action at just the right moment – it’s also the over reliance on that sort of hope which gets societies into trouble in the first place.

life is messy. and so is protest. it doesn’t have to be perfect to work. consider it practice.


You’re very quick to apologize to individuals but have no problem making broad insults against groups and you apparently have no problem with women’s rights being under attack–at least you consider it more acceptable than vague concerns about “corruption”.

Curious, isn’t it?


We’ll probably see more meetings like this before he takes office. Trump is all about loopholes, dishonesty, and unfair advantages.


That’s the alt-right for you.