Steve Bannon sunk $60M of Goldman Sachs' money into a failed World of Warcraft goldfarming scheme


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So we have a shit-gibbon and now a shit-stain, in a shit-storm, what’s next? Is it shitles all the way down?



Shit-storm on the rest of us.


Why settle for wrecking virtual economies, when you can try for real ones? /s


Brilliant. Bet he also recommended investments in Desert Storm trading cards and tulips.


You should see his Beanie Baby collection.


Evidently the thing that most appealed to Donald Trump about Steven Bannon was that Bannon had useful real-world experience of losing a shit-ton of someone else’s money and then walking away from the mess. Now they’ve pooled their collective talents in this area, the Crash of 2018 should be spectacular.


Even virtual shit stinks!


dammit, as a long-time WoW player and current voting american, is there NOWHERE his evil fingers haven’t been? ugh.


2018? What makes you think it will take that long?


are those the brown Skittles?


Whenever you think they can´t get any more vile and awfull.
Rockbottom does not exist in the world of the orange bastard and his evil grand vizir Bannondorf.


I prefer to invest in tulips.


I bet he’s still got a gigantic hoard of Pogs in his basement on the assumption that they will be the currency of choice after the inevitable collapse of the Federal government.


Nope, it gets worse…


The tulip market is going to rebound any century now. You’ll see.


I prefer investing in 1904 calendars.

"Friday comes back once a week. December comes back once a year. 1904 will come back, it just takes longer.


So apparently lots of Americans love white supremacists, but does ANYONE like gold farmers? Are those people just indiscriminately pro-evil, no matter what flavor of evil it is?


Well that’s certainly going to put gaming into his personal likes.