Stormy reveals Trump's penis oddly resembles 🍄 this video game character

I was about to say the same.


The more distracted 45 is, the less harm he can do the world.
If he’s fretting about this, he may forget to imprison children.


Yeah, then there’s that.

I wasn’t even going to bring up the obvious.

We’re not dragging all men with “less than average sized” or unusually shaped peens… and to try to claim we are is to project one’s own issues onto to the topic at hand, IMO.

Hashtag, not-all-weird-weiners.


I’m looking forward to all the people who will be attending the Trump events wearing Toad costumes and carrying Toad signs and dolls. And to the first amendment cases when they try to kick them out.


Ho then, our information is incomplete.
We’d need know the color of the object in question.

What is this place? A mushroom farm?


I’m good.


I think we should assume it’s the exact coloration of Toad until otherwise informed.

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WITH, a little blue vest!


It’s pretty clear that that rule only applies to commenters, not authors:

EDIT: Huh. It turns out there’s nothing in the Community Guidelines specific to body-shaming, so never mind. Accusation of hypocrisy withdrawn.

Funny that the shape/size/etc of one’s penis is not something one can control or had a say in. The insult/shame is NOT in Stormy saying anything about the appendage in question.

“It may have been the least impressive sex I’d ever had, but clearly, he didn’t share that opinion," Daniels writes in the book.

That is the insult and what should leave him feeling shamed, because THAT is absolutely what he controls.


So we’re definitely calling him President Truffle now, right?


I dunno’, that he liked it and she didn’t might reflect more specifically on the partner that each had.
They didn’t, after all, have the same partner.

Why? Why did we need to see this? There are so many awful and ridiculous things he’s doing that legitimately affect people’s lives and safety, their ability to participate in a democratic process, and their access to services and employment. Why are we now stooping to making fun of his penis?

You said it.
It’s all in the FUN part.

That other stuff is no fun at all.


Because it’s a just a ray of sunshine in otherwise dark AF time. That’s why. Feel the sun…


Actually it appears Mark took that down from the main site. I still say the guy could have used the readily available bathroom on the train but what do I know. Also nobody was body shaming. They were shaming the behavior.


I know the very thought leaves me feeling nauseous…

It’s really weird how some people conflate the two things.


If he were the one putting them in cages, then sure, that could work. But see, he has people for that. The BEST people. And this news won’t even break their stride.

I just started playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe a couple weeks ago. I never play as Toad – so far my rider of choice is Shy Guy – but now when I’m racing and he lobs a seeking tortoise shell at me, I’ll be thinking, “THAT DICK!” and then I’ll laugh and laugh.

Think how Nintendo must feel about this news. So incredibly unfair to Toad. For one thing, there’s this, which gives T’s “p” an entire new nickname: