Subliminal penises and other bizarre FCC complaints about Mythbusters


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It would be excellent if any of these were true.


Pareidolia is a hell of a drug. Especially when there are subliminal penises everywhere all the time…

I mean, have you ever LOOKED at your fingers?


Jesus! And his four sisters!


Never knew that Ave Maria was Hail Mary in Latin … you’d think somewhere in my 12 years of Catholic school I would have picked that up. And if not then, during my four years at a Jesuit university. Then again, until I was 15 I thought Amazing Grace was about a woman named Grace.


The most offensive thing done by Mythbusters was hiring the FBI bomb school instructor who may have been involved in, and certainly bungled the investigation of, the bombing of nonviolent activists Darryl Cherney and the late Judi Bari.


Dick shtick?


Interesting that most of the complaints seem not to be about the show content directly, but about commercials, which the Mythbusters presumably have no control over.

And of course, MB is far, far, from alone in getting these sorts of complaints.


I have zero sympathy for FCC complainer-types, but to be fair, Mythbusters is not short on not-so-subtle boner jokes. At least in the more recent seasons. Stuff like “that’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to hold on to (boing sound effect)”. I counted 3 such jokes in one ep. Personally, I think it’s awesome.


I’d maintain that getting complaints like this is proof you’re doing something right.



man, headline talks about penises and the mythbusters and i got all excited for nothing.


Frankly, I’m going to call and complain there aren’t enough erotic subliminal images. I feel both sides should be heard. Teach the controversy!


To be fair, the penises seem to be in someone’s mind, so it’s really your own fault for not imagining enough penises, innit? Care to try that again, with feeling? :wink:


I done camed to this hear site to read what y’all was sayin’ and laffin’ about my letter to the FCC and goldurn it but seen a picture of a girl usin’ I dont know how to put this polite like but it was a grate big dildo and she was grinnin’ and jumpin’ up and down.

To whoom do I file my complaint?


well, when it comes to those two, my imagination is quite adequate, thank you very much. : )


As someone who went through RCIA classes and self education, it is amazing how much more I know than many “life long” Catholics.


Mormon Seminary.


What? Is that Numberwang? Er… Wordwang?


Sorry I’ve had clarity problems lately.

I also am surprised at how much more I know about Catholic doctrine than Catcholics do.

And it’s in large part due to having attended 4 years of Mormon Seminary through high school.