Super Mario 8-Bit Cupcake Arrangement Expectations vs. Reality


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Ok, the flesh colour parts are white, but seriously? Ordering 4-dozen cupcakes and wondering why it doesn’t look as good as the original 12-dozen arrangement? No sh*t Sherlock! You barely ordered enough to do Mario’s head!


If only he had the first photo for a bit of inspiration, Miyamoto would have needed fewer pixels!


Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and blame the victim on this one.


It does not look the same as the resolution is too low, the original cake has 50% more pixels, its like watching a HD tv liking it and then ordering a black and white tv instead.


Apparently, none of the people involved in this story are able to count.

With what they had to work with, they did a pretty good job i.m.o.


Might have helped if they told us that maybe we needed more than 4 dozen cupcakes…

Maybe the guy’s not big on analytical skills, but he expects somebody else to do his counting for him?


It’s the bootleg Atari 2600 version of Mario.


I’d base any response I have upon the one year old’s.


And now after several decades, E.T. for the 2600 makes more sense (time travel was obviously involved).


Might have helped if they told us that maybe we needed more than 4 dozen cupcakes

Like 3 times as many. Would that be okay with you, dear customer?


“Cupcakes were damn good, though.”

It was the child’s first birthday, probably not disappointed.


Bootleg? The 2600 version of Donkey Kong was licensed.


You barely ordered enough to do Mario’s head!

Indeed. Don’t ask for an eight-bit image if you don’t have the bandwidth to support it.

In the customer’s defense, he does seem to acknowledge that it’s his fault (though he does whine that the cake shop should have drawn a mock-up to see how close a four-dozen cupcake arrangement would get, as though he couldn’t have done that himself).


Math - how does it work?

Usually the problem is people shoving 10 lbs of shit into a 5lb back. Here is a case of 5lbs of shit in a 10lb bag and wondering why it isn’t full.



ha ha, cheaped out and got a 2-Bit Mario


Yeah, you need Killer Gorilla.


The original also seems to use mini cupcakes, while his has - afaict - regular size. If he’d gone with minis instead of full the baker would’ve had more pixels to work with for the same total quantity of actual cake.

The cost would’ve been much higher though - the money is in the time (decorating and arrangement), not the quantity of ingredients.


Don’t bring an 8-bite design to a 160 cake bunfight?