Supreme Court allows release of Trump's taxes to prosecutor

Fox News be like: “This is actually good news because it gives Trump a chance to clear his name once and for all while proving his great business acumen.”


I heard an interesting quote at some point over the past few years at some point, don’t remember where.

Every person who keeps getting away with crimes keeps getting away with them… until they don’t.

And if you think about it, that’s true for any criminal, ever, who committed crimes before finally getting busted “for real.” Capone being one of countless examples. Plenty of mobsters “finally” nailed at some point, years or even decades after being a criminal.

I would like to remind that a handful of months ago, a decent number of generally-bright folks seemed to have it in their heads that all was doomed, and there was simply no way the Democrats would win the election. I mean, I had days where I was one of them.

Let us have hope that justice comes due for DJT and his stupid crime family. It really could happen, but it might not. But it might.


Popeil product spokesperson’s voice: “And that ain’t all!”


RICO !!!

This is clear to me.

But as a wise man with a hat has said it’s never RICO.

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They did not work for him! I guess that just shows that he never really understood how our government works and what his role was as president…

Of course, as you say, it’s satire… but it’s entirely believably a thing he would say, so…


Exactly. As soon as he started talking about, “Obama judges” that was pretty clear.
I don’t know what satire will even look like again, in reference to this era.


Capone’s jail cell (exhibit reconstruction):


I hiiiighly recommend going on a tour through Eastern State Penitentiary, given the opportunity. Kind of an amazing place, also quite horrifying. Speaking of which, I also recommend their Halloween fun house, which is every bit as freaky as you’d imagine, and then some.

Bring a camera if you go! Oh wait what am I saying lol… cellphones, heh, I forgot about them for a second. OK bring a DSLR or fancy mirrorless if you go and if you have one! heheh

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