Teal pumpkins indicate that you have safe, allergy-free goodies to give trick-or-treaters


My son wised up to that.


The spot where the spare key is hidden.




What’s the secret code for avoiding crazy people who have a message for kids?




Frankly you’re lucky its only one. A while back I was working with a bunch of kids (restaurant, bussers and such) who were in the first age group for the increased allergies. Like four of them had nasty nut allergies. My own age group I had previously met one maybe two people with nut allergies ever. Across multiple cities and several decades.


Go fuckin’ nuts, my friend!


Blue is the new orange?


Where I grew up it was usually the older kids who collected for UNICEF. Junior-high and Senior-high kids who were too old to dress up and collect candy, but who still wanted to be out-and-about and say hi to all the neighbors, or who had to take their younger siblings out trick-or-treating anyway.


Was that your house! Those were the worst gummie balloons I ever ate. We all had upset stomachs. This year straight to tricking!


People who are out of their gourds?


I am allergic to nuts. I trick or treated as a kid. We just did it normally then went through everything and pulled the things with nuts out (then gave them to my brother and he gave me some back that I could eat). Honestly, you can’t trust other people to be safe with your allergens. It is cool when people try, and much appreciated, but I still follow-up and confirm myself. More than once I’ve had a reaction after someone telling me something was nut free but wasn’t.

I guess it depends on the severity of your allergies, what they are (nuts are easier to avoid than wheat) and how you perceive the risk. Luckily I got to trick or treat normally, but it is cool that people who don’t have allergies are thinking about this.


That’s what I’m hoping for. Turns out the other impediment is the surprise from adults that kids are collecting for UNICEF. My local neighborhood gets mobbed by children (we counted at least 450 trick or treaters last year) so most of the adults aren’t ready to give a kid anything but candy. Most of the money we raised was online (cute kid in costume worked for that).


Doesn’t it really depend on your feelings towards that peanut allergic kid?


to give out instead of candy

You spelled “in addition to” wrong.


there is no need, if your neighbor isn’t handing out chocolate oranges you should shit in their mailbox


I am bumfuzzled. Those are turquoise pumpkins.

At some point the feckin Millennials decided that “turquoise” as a colour name was uncool so they’d start using the word “teal” instead, but it hasn’t shown up in Ngrams yet.


Set out these artificially colored pumpkins to show you aren’t handing out artificial food.


Don’t they name their kids after objects or personality traits now?


That the owners have retreated from polite society and don’t give a dead squirrel about anything.