Ted Cruz says chances high Biden and Garland will be impeached after November

Why Yes, as a matter-of-fact that’s exactly what they want to do. And no, they don’t have a goddamn thing to offer except destruction. They are exactly as fucking stupid as they appear to be. Ted cruz has hated the world ever since he first saw a video of his lips flopping around his face. He has no control of them. They just flubber around repeating trumpisms.


Of course they will be. For what? Just 'cuz.

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Huh? The only way they would be able to impeach Biden is if the GQP has the House majority. In that case, Kevin McCarthy or some other wackadoodle would be House speaker, and that person would be next in line after VP Harris. Nancy Pelosi would be in the House minority and no longer speaker. And the only way they would be able to remove Biden from office is if the GQP has the Senate majority, which is looking increasingly unlikely.

“the absolute lawlessness on our Southern border.”

Ted, there have been a record number of arrests at the border, so WTAF are you talking about? Seriously, Ted, you need to see a doctor ASAP because you have some serious cognitive issues.

I think there’s no endgame there, and that is a problem.

That is, Cruz and most of the GOP have lost any sight of actual goals or principles, beyond clinging to power at all costs, and even there they only care about the immediate result, never mind how much damage it causes to America or even the Republicans themselves in the long run.


I wipe my ass with the stuff Cruz says. End of story.


‘Lawlessness on the southern border’ sounds like a kinky sex thing or one of Cruz’ favourite pick-up lines.

“Hey baby, you want to come to my place and get involved in some…lawlessness on the southern border?”

The southern border, where the walls fell down.


Although it’s going to be difficult to make any roll call votes from prison.

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Some do. Some want a white ethnostate. Some want a plutocracy that recognizes that acknowledges that people are wealthy because they are BETTER than the rest of us and should by all rights be in charge. Some just want to see everything burn. Some want to live in the ultimate “I told you so,” survivalist fantasy where they can be heroes in some sort of post-apocalyptic nightmare. The current GOP is exposing some of the difficulties in “uniting” people by what they HATE without making any effort whatsoever in getting them to agree on what they are FOR…


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but the things he says really chap my ass!


That’s not how impeachment works Teddy. You have to have some impropriety to bring a charge first. One thing President Biden has not been while in office is improper.

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